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Lev Your Career- Solution Architect Edition

Are you interested in learning more about what it's like to work as a Solution Architect at Lev?

Lev, a Cognizant company, is a premier Salesforce consultancy that works with marketers from top brands to maximize their investments, level up their customer experiences, and power even the most complicated of businesses.

As a top Salesforce partner, we take pride in hiring and developing the best of the best, and we work hard to cultivate an inclusive culture (#LevLife) where our team (also known as Levsters) will thrive.

Since 2016, Lev has experienced tremendous growth—and in 2021, we've already grown our team by over 50% by hiring nearly 140 Levsters.

In this webinar, the Lev team shares what #LevLife is all about, including:

+ Who we are
+ How we work with our customers
+ What a career as a Solution Architect at Lev looks like
+ How to get hired at Lev
+ What it means to be a part of #LevLife

In this webinar, Elisa, our lead recruiter for Solution Architects, and 3 Solution Architects—Brett Billups (Sr. Manager, Solution Architects), Jake Davis (Manager, Solution Architects), and Cat Mears (Manager, Solution Architects) talk about their career paths, what brought them to Lev, what keeps them at Lev, and for a Q&A.