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How Sonos’ Roam Shoppable Email Won the Litmus Choice: Best Email Design (B2C) Award

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We are absolutely thrilled to share that our Sonos. Inc. Roam Shoppable Email won the Litmus Choice: Best Email Design (B2C) Award. The Litmus Email of Excellence Awards highlights email campaigns that incorporate dynamic, personalized content that “wows readers in the inbox.”

Here’s how Sonos and Lev wowed music lovers:

Innovative Use of Ampscript

Innovative Use of Ampscript

Using Ampscript, Sonos and Lev were able to replicate Sonos’ unique shopping experience directly in subscribers’ inboxes. Promoting Roam, the waterproof, Bluetooth portable speaker, this email empowered recipients to play with color. 

Recipients could: 

  • Change the portable speaker’s color to 5 pre-defined presets and see the change occur in real-time 
  • Update the quantity they desired to purchase, and have those reflected per each color choice 

This level of interactivity, usually reserved for web pages, is now possible using Ampscript, and by using it, Sonos ensures that their unique, personalized emails stand above the noise of their competitors. 


Reduced Friction at Checkout

Not only did this award-winning email enable subscribers to change the color of the Roam speaker, and choose specific quantities, it completely reduced the number of pages they would need to check out. After choosing their color and quantities, by pressing the “Add to Cart” button, the recipient’s selection would display in their Sonos shopping cart. By eliminating an extra click, Sonos reduced potential friction and increased purchasing rates. 


Dynamic and Personalized Email Content Drives Results

By implementing dynamic, personalized content, Sonos not only wowed their readers but also exceeded their benchmarks. This email campaign increased attributable revenue, average order value, and repurchasing rates within their target audiences.  

Lev didn’t just stop at creating one dynamic email campaign though; we’ve provided Sonos with a solid foundation to personalize future communications. By helping Sonos implement a comprehensive, flexible martech stack and outreach strategy, Sonos has a solid foundation for scaling their personalization capabilities in the future. 

If you are looking to level up your email marketing strategy, look no further than Lev. Contact us to discover how our team, with a winning combination of next-level marketing strategies and deep technical expertise, can help you connect with your customers at the right place and time by equipping you with the framework to create personalized, dynamic email campaigns.