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Client Story: Creating Efficiency and Visibility with Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A multinational, multi-level retail company needed a better solution for segmenting data for their marketing team. The current process, which involved putting in an IT request, created a long lead time for campaigns, inefficient processes, and very messy data. The marketing team needed a place to create audience segments and launch and edit campaigns quickly. 

Lev assessed and advised the client on how they could most effectively use CDP, map all their priority data, and then implemented the product. Right away, Lev helped the team to launch two journeys pulling directly from CDP. In addition, Lev also provided enablement to their marketing team for day-to-day use of CDP, along with reference documentation.  

To ensure alignment and strategic partnership, the Lev team and client team met weekly. This also gave key client stakeholders the opportunity to share how the experience was on their end. Their feedback was positive:   

“This is a cruise right now.” 

“Lev is always guiding us and has an idea for a solution.” 

“We really appreciate the team’s focus and accountability.” 

“They have great listening skills and are working to understand our business.” 

“With our last Salesforce partner every time we ran into a problem they required a Change Order. You have not done that and I thought that’s what I was going to be up against. We appreciate the great partnership.”  

Since implementing CDP, this team has: 

  • Increased efficiencies between marketing and IT workflows 
  • Improved leadership visibility of audience growth 
  • Streamlined communication to more refined audiences with more specific personalization. 

If your team is looking to understand how Lev can take your marketing efforts to the next level, get in touch here, and learn more about CDP from our Director, Emerging Services here.