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2023 Salesforce World Tour London Recap

Last week, our United Kingdom team attended Salesforce AI Day at Salesforce Tour London! This was a great opportunity to get the UK team together, learn about the latest Salesforce updates by attending some of the 70+ strategic sessions, and connect with clients and partners.  

Make Room For AI  

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) was in the spotlight during this jammed-packed day. AI is here to stay and is not just another industry trend. The potential to support marketers and enable them to focus on the more creative tasks of their roles is exciting and Salesforce is leaning into that. Check out our blog post, “Generative AI-Powered Salesforce Tools That Can Revolutionize Your Brand’s Customer Experience,” which outlines the latest Salesforce’s latest Generative AI-powered tools being released throughout 2023 and 2024.  

Some sessions stood out more than others, and for Lev Senior Solution Architect Sam Masry, Google’s Former Chief Business Officer, Mo Gawdat’s session around AI and what it means for humanity was one of them. Mo looked at the ethical dimensions of technology, AI, and its implications for society – stressing, that with it, there is potential for shaping a collective and sustainable future. “It was one of the most insightful talks I have ever listened to.” - Sam Masry.  

Case Studies  

Service Cloud + Marketing Cloud: Our team saw that Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud are making huge impacts on UK police forces for the first time. These tools are enabling case handlers to utilize Service Cloud to transform the way territorial police officers handle case data, while also using Journey Builder to proactively reach out to victims with their case details and appointments. This has decreased traffic volume costs significantly and ensured people with urgent support needs are prioritized and handled in the safest and most proactive ways.  

Data Cloud: Data continues to be the fuel of our digital economy; however, so many companies are still not using the data to personalise customer experiences. But enterprise-level companies like Heathrow have found success in leveraging Data Cloud for a single view of the whole customer while maintaining trust through data security and are great examples of what’s possible. You can watch the recordings from Salesforce Tour London here to see more customer stories.  

Continue The Conversations  

Salesforce is investing heavily in the UK market over the next 5 years to drive innovation and grow its customer base. If you want to chat about how Lev can help you incorporate data and AI into your marketing strategy and processes or discuss sessions from this event, let’s connect!