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Leveraging the Power of Personalization: Mastering Meaningful Customer Experiences Through 1:1 Engagements

July 28, 2020

Marketing today is more than connecting customers with messages about products or services they are interested in — it’s about creating a customer experience. As new tools and technologies emerge, the demand for personalized and meaningful experiences from customers remains at the center.

The idea of having meaningful 1:1 engagements with your customers is more attainable than ever—and nowadays, your customers demand it.  According to a recent global survey done by Salesforce, 75% of customers expect companies to use these new technologies to create better experiences. However, according to the same survey—only 51% of customers say that companies generally meet their expectations.

The experience with a brand or company is also cited by 84% of customers to be just as important as the products or services the company provides1—further iterating the importance of cultivating a premier end-to-end experience for your customers.

By definition, personalization is "the action of designing or producing something to meet someone’s individual requirements."

For marketers, personalization is masterfully crafting every interaction between your brand and your customers.

Ensuring your customers know that your values and expectations are aligned—and as marketers, being able to see the experiences with your brand through the eyes of the customer—all are important parts of being able to truly master meaningful connections with your customers.

Not only does striving for personalization lead to stronger relationships with your customers, it undoubtedly leads to stronger business results.

While putting personalization at the core of your marketing strategy is critical to success, it can be a daunting undertaking. In this guide, we’ll share real-life examples of personalization success and how top brands across industries are leveraging personalization today.

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