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Made For You: How Bassett Furniture Powers Their Customer Journeys with Journey Builder

Bassett Furniture, a national furniture manufacturer and retailer founded in 1902, has continuously evolved since its inception to keep up with the ever-changing retail landscape—from growing their 3rd-party reseller base, to opening their first store, to expanding their ecommerce presence. 

But, while their retail experiences have evolved and the amount of channels they can sell through have grown, a few things have remained constant: their rich heritage; their focus on offering high-quality, affordable, custom-made furniture that allows their customers to show off their unique senses of style; and most importantly: their exceptional customer service. 

Bassett largely powers their digital customer experience leveraging Salesforce, whether it’s making it easy for their customers to schedule a meeting with their Design Consultants, or sharing helpful maintenance tips via email. As power Salesforce Marketing Cloud users, they leverage its integration with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to enter their customers into personalized journeys throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

The Bassett team knows that micro journeys are the key to providing customers with valuable information while maximizing results, enabling marketers to provide hyper-personalized content based on lifecycle stage. Some of these journeys include: 

  • The Welcome Journey is a classic journey for brands in any industry to help customers become more familiar with their brand and drive brand sentiment. Bassett brings customers into their Welcome Journey from two sources: new leads entered into Sales Cloud (that typically come from in-store visitors), and website form completions.  However, Bassett ensures that customers who have made a purchase are no longer in this journey, as they’ve entered into a new stage of their customer lifecycle. Because this is a welcome journey, customers can only enter the journey once. 
  • The Post-Purchase Journey is another great journey to have for brands across industries, and are often intended to drive customer service follow-ups, as well as cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on customer interests. For Bassett, this might include reminding customers of the available warranty to protect their furniture, or accessories to complete their room refresh. But Bassett also ensures that customers who enter the post-purchase journey don’t re-enter the journey and are removed if they return their items. Having these criteria in place helps avoid overexposure or misunderstandings between them and their customers. 
  • The New Mover Journey is for customers who have recently had a change of address. This journey leverages cross-cloud functionalities by notifying the customer’s new local store to reach out to them by assigning them a task in Sales Cloud, and by letting the customer know where they can find the closest Bassett Furniture store via email, including giving them a new point of contact to help create a personalized experience.  
  • Abandoned Cart Journey is another journey necessity for brands across industries. For Bassett, this journey uses website activity to drop customers into a journey after a customer adds an item to their cart without purchasing it. Depending on the amount of the potential purchase, they could receive an email ranging from 1 hour to 1 day after abandoning their cart.  
  • In-Store Visit is a great example of a journey that combines in-person interactions with a brand with digital interactions for a seamless experience. For customers who visit a Bassett Furniture store and leave without making a purchase, they get entered into a journey with helpful information and follow-ups to aid the customer’s decision-making process. This is powered by their Design Consultants entering Lead information into Salesforce to help create this omnichannel, personalized experience. 

While this is not a comprehensive list of all of the journeys Bassett has set up, each of these journeys does a great job at meeting Bassett’s customers where they’re at and helping drive their best-in-class experience, whether it’s helping customers enhance their purchases, or making their interactions with the brand easier. Their ability to create these experiences for their customers at scale is made possible by their integrations across the Salesforce platform, and their thoughtful approach to capturing and using customer data. The Bassett team is always looking for ways to continuously optimize the customer experience so they’re always staying true to their mission of providing their customers something that’s custom made for them.