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Building An Experience-Focused Marketing Strategy

In this insightful Level Up episode, join host Jordan Kraus and special guest Angela Ely, a seasoned senior marketing consultant at Lev, as they delve into how to create a customer experience-focused marketing strategy. Learn the four key steps to crafting exceptional customer experiences, including becoming customer-centric, breaking down organizational silos, leveraging technology wisely, gathering valuable customer feedback, and embracing adaptability.  

By the end, you’ll discover how to create personalized and emotionally resonant experiences that leave a lasting impact on your customers. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a newcomer to the field, this episode will equip you with actionable strategies to elevate your marketing and boost customer loyalty. Tune in to level up your marketing knowledge!

Listen in for:

  • [01:41 - 06:26] 🥲 Great customer experience stories
  • [08:23 - 12:36] 🗝️ Where to begin when building out your experience-focused strategy
  • [14:03 - 16:49] ⚒️ Breaking down the silos between marketing, sales, and service
  • [20:12 - 23:07] 🧩 Is the tech you use actually enhancing customer experiences?
  • [27:28 - 31:24]  🗣 Ask your customers for feedback