Next Level Personalization: Unlocking The Power of Interaction Studio

July 7, 2021

By now, every marketer knows personalization is important, and every customer has come to expect it.

However, personalization continues to be a struggle for marketers. According to a study by Gartner, 63% of digital marketing leaders said they struggle with personalization, and they estimate that 80% would abandon their personalization efforts by 2025 due to lack of ROI and the challenge of customer data management

At Lev, we believe personalization is like being in a good relationship. It’s intimate — showing you truly care, and are listening to their wants and needs. It’s hyper focused — without going too far or over the top. It’s reciprocal — remembering what they liked from their time spent with you, and then customizing their experiences. However, personalization can quickly cross the line of creepy vs compelling, and there are a lot of conflicting 'rules' to implementing a solid personalization strategy. In this eBook, we'll dissect some of the do's and don'ts of personalization, and share tactical tips on bringing your personalization strategy to life to drive impact.

Sections of this content were created for Ultraviolet 2021. Jenna Kienle, Senior Manager, Marketing Services & Strategy, crafted and presented "Compelling vs. Creepy: Personalization Do's and Don'ts" which became the foundation of this eBook. 

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