Creating a Cohesive National Marketing Strategy Through Marketing Cloud

September 27, 2018 Holly Enneking

With franchises across the country, this leading retailer needed a better way to coordinate a marketing strategy that would be cohesive and reflective of their national brand. They reached out to Lev to find a way to improve this through a Marketing Cloud Account set-up.

By standing up a Marketing Cloud account with access to Content Builder, Journey Builder, Contact Builder and Automation Studio, this retailer was greatly able to improve their 1:1 marketing strategy. Lev built eight different email templates for multiple transactional customer events, including appointment reminders, introductory offers, referral thank you’s and more. By programming these in Automation Studio, this organization was able to increase the number of touch-points with their customers and provide more cohesive messaging across franchises.

In addition to creating the automated emails, Lev also built out two custom onboarding journeys for them using Contact Builder and Journey Builder. These journeys were tailored to new customers and guests who would be redirected within the system based on their level of interest.

By partnering with Lev for this engagement, they increased the number of opportunities they had for 1:1 engagement with their customers, as well as the capacity to grow into their platform as their business needs evolve and change over time.

Need a better Marketing Cloud strategy? Read more on how we’ve helped our customers increase 1:1 interactions with a more comprehensive and well established foundation or contact us today.


Industry: Retail
Salesforce Products: Marketing Cloud, Content Builder, Journey Builder, Contact Builder, Automation Studio
Challenges: A need to unify marketing efforts across franchises
Outcomes: A Professional Edition Marketing Cloud Account, Onboarding journeys triggered in Contact Builder and Journey Builder, Automation of customer events using Automation Studio


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