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Unifying Your Marketing Data: Leveling Up With Datorama

If you’re a marketer, or interact with the marketing branch of your business, you’re aware of all of the different avenues that exist – and continue to be released or revamped – to amplify marketing efforts across all businesses. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, The Trade Desk – the list goes on. Data from whichever platforms you are using are going to come to you in all different shapes and sizes. An Excel file here, a graph there, raw data files everywhere. Perhaps it is easier to see how these platforms are performing one by one, but which one is earning the most for your business? Which one is easiest to analyze? How do I portray these results to my executive team?

All of these questions can be answered by Datorama. If you’re an agency, Datorama can help you. If you’re a retailer, Datorama can help you. If you’re a professional sports organization, Datorama can help you. Datorama represents value in different ways to different points-of-view, but as a Solution Architect for Datorama, I can appreciate the accessibility of the platform as well as all of the different standard and custom ways to bring data together.

As someone who works with marketers across industries to leverage Datorama, I have developed a strong understanding of the many efficient, adaptable ways Datorama can connect and analyze a variety of different data sources.

During data discovery sessions, customers often share an extensive number of Excel or CSV files as the primary way they currently receive their reporting information. Our screen-sharing sessions with various customers have become a normal routine of clicking through multiple tabs or windows while customers walk us through their various KPIs and where they’re coming from – usually from disparate systems and data sources.

Thinking through the transformation that our customers go through between the initial project kickoff and ending our projects with Datorama training, it is hard to believe, even for myself sometimes, where we started and how we all worked toward the unified end result.

From my experience, customers always appreciate the newfound ability to see multiple tables on one dashboard reporting page right away – before we even implement any of the dynamic visuals (a key benefit of Datorama). Helping our customer’s data come to life on an interactive page, while at the same time alleviating much of their time, stress, and overspending, is always an invaluable outcome to the Datorama projects we’ve completed; not to mention contributing to the improvement and success of their business.

One of my recent Datorama projects was working with a marketing agency on an implementation for one of their customers – an insurance provider. The project was structured with allocated training hours so that the agency would be able to stand up more of their own customers within Datorama, continuing to use what we built for them on their own.

This is one of my favorite aspects of the platform – it’s manageable and customizable. Throughout the project, our team worked alongside them to ensure accurate data was coming in and would be visualized in a fashion aligned with the agency and their customer.

Even with three parties involved, Datorama is effective. We were able to integrate over ten data sources, a mixture of API standard and custom connectors as well as flat files, to produce six dashboard pages. During training, it was compelling to see our client so engaged with the platform and prepared to take it into their own hands. Their questions and attentiveness reflected not only our valuable time together, but also the possibilities of Datorama and the customer’s dedication to using it as a measure of success for the rest of their business. There aren’t many better firsthand ways to understand value.

For Lev, Datorama implementations are holistically a partnership between us and our customers. Some of the most exciting points of a project are our client’s eagerness to receive training on the platform. Datorama was built as a long-term solution for customers to continuously be able to see the values of their investments. While the platform is constantly updating and changing to match the digital marketing economy, Lev stays hard at work to be able to optimize the product for our customers and their continued success.


About The Author
Olivia Miller is a Technical Specialist and a graduate of Next Lev, and has helped jumpstart the emerging services department with projects centered specifically on Datorama and Audience Studio. Born in Indianapolis and raised in Carmel, Olivia is happy to be living in downtown Indy, in the center of all the action and a part of the booming digital marketing ecosystem. Outside of the enriching learning environment of Lev, in her free time Olivia enjoys all of the opportunities Indy has to offer, playing in a euchre league, cooking and practicing yoga.