Three Benefits of Integrating Advertising Studio into Salesforce Marketing Cloud

July 1, 2021 Holly Enneking

Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform and a top choice for savvy marketers. One capability that sets Marketing Cloud apart is its ability to empower marketers to deliver omni-channel experiences. When combined with other Salesforce tools, marketers can do so much more than send emails, leveraging capabilities around personalization, retargeting, social listening, and deeper analytics. 

For marketers looking to get even more out of Marketing Cloud, bringing Advertising Studio into your tech stack can be a game-changing integration. Here are three key benefits to integrating Ad Studio into your instance of Marketing Cloud. 

1: Get Even More Out of Journey Builder

Ad Studio integrates directly into Journey Builder, which is a huge win for marketers. Say you’ve got a re-engagement journey running and you're targeting users who haven’t opened your newsletter in the last 180 days. That audience of inactive subscribers could be retargeted with ads to encourage them to engage with your brand again, and get them back into your active subscriber segment. Email touchpoints are always valuable when it comes to reengaging or maintaining engagement with your audience, but layering in advertising touch points in search or social can be a valuable extra boost to keep your audience active. 

2: Centralize Your Customer Data

For marketers using Marketing Cloud, you’ve got a leg up when it comes to leveraging your customer data for paid advertising campaigns through Ad Studio. Ad Studio leverages the first party data from Marketing Cloud, keeping your customer data in sync whether you're sending emails or targeting advertising. Even more importantly, protecting consumer data is massively important for today's marketers, and keeping all of your valuable data in one platform means it never needs to be exported and imported between systems in order to power your omni-channel campaigns. 

3: Make Your Data Work for Your Advertising

Integrating Ad Studio and Marketing Cloud gives marketers the power to target, retarget, and suppress the dynamic segments they’re leveraging in their email marketing automations across paid advertising campaigns as well. Using your customer data in Marketing Cloud, marketers can target known subscribers to keep up engagement, create lookalike audiences to reach new potential subscribers, or suppress existing subscribers in cases where valuable ad dollars don’t need to be spent on those already engaging with your brand. And, since Ad Studio natively connects to Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, marketers have the ability to serve ads on the channels preferred by their audiences. 

At the end of the day, marketers are always looking to find ways to maximize their tech stack and get more out of the activities they’re already actively running. By adding Ad Studio into the mix with Marketing Cloud, marketers are set up for even more success when it comes to maintaining and growing their digital engagement across email, social, and advertising. 

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