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The Psychology of Why We Buy

Title Image- The Psychology of Why We Buy

Customers are constantly bombarded with ads and offerings every day, encouraging them to continually buy new products and services. But with so much noise in today's market, how can marketers and sales team increase their understanding of what encourages a customer to make a purchase?

In this Level Up episode, join Jordan Kraus (Client Success Partner) and Tyler Williams (Managing Sales Director) break down why people make subjective decisions and then find objective reasoning to support their purchases. As well, they provide some best-in-class tips on how marketing and sales teams can ensure they are meeting their customers where they are emotionally throughout their buyer's journey.

Meet Your Hosts


Jordan Kraus - Client Success Partner

Jordan is a Client Success Partner passionate about making strategic decisions that marry data-driven analytics and storytelling. Jordan has a long history in Customer Services and Sales, and specializes in the Salesforce Product stack (CRM, SFMC, IS, CDP). She is passionate about using technology to make marketing inclusive to all.


Tyler Williams - Managing Sales Director

Tyler is currently working at Lev as a Managing Sales Director where he is helping customers drive value from their Salesforce investments while mentoring team members at Lev on their path to supporting Lev customers and prospects.