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Simplified Abandoned Cart Journeys FTW

It’s common knowledge that online shoppers abandon their cart more frequently than they actually complete a purchase. With an increased emphasis on ecommerce and a need to drive conversions for online sales, an effective abandoned cart journey is absolutely essential. The process for implementing an abandoned cart journey can be surprisingly difficult, though.

When one of our customers came to us wanting a simpler, more streamlined approach, we jumped at the opportunity to develop our own solution. We’re always looking for ways to make processes simpler and people’s lives easier, and our Abandoned Cart Tool is designed to do just that.

For any business with ecommerce, recognizing shoppers and triggering timely messages to them is a critical process to drive online sales. While 71% of marketers believe abandoned cart messages are effective, only 47% are actually using them*. With the Lev solution, you’ll get:

  • Impactful journeys to drive conversions. Triggering timely, personalized messages through Marketing Cloud will increase sales conversions and drive revenue.
  • A flexible approach designed to meet your needs. Each brand has different requirements and goals. Our solution can be customized to help you meet your unique objectives. 
  • A quick, simple, and secure solution. Our lightweight implementation can be up-and-running in a matter of weeks, allowing you to impact revenue more quickly. 

Whenever we’re designing and building our own solutions to meet customer needs, one of our primary objectives is to develop something that is secure and fully-compliant when it comes to data privacy and security. Using a combination of Heroku, javascript tags, and data extensions, our tool removes the need for setting 3rd party cookies or storing PII, streamlining the process and eliminating privacy and compliance concerns. 

At Lev, we’re at our best when we’re helping our customers use the platform to its fullest potential. With custom solutions like our Abandoned Cart Tool and Campaign Studio, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Salesforce and finding new ways to make our customers even more successful. If you’re interested in getting our Abandoned Cart Tool up and running, contact us and someone from our team will reach out.