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Salesforce Seeks to Power a New Wave of Data-Driven AI Applications with the Einstein 1 Platform

Did you know, on average, organizations use 1,061 different applications, each with their own data sources, and yet only 29% of companies claim their applications are completely integrated? Gaining a complete view of the customer is one of the biggest challenges organizations and marketers face, considering only 14% of companies ever achieve a 360 view. 

Salesforce seeks to continue the charge to help their clients gain a complete view of their customers with their newly announced Einstein 1 Platform, which natively integrates Einstein AI and Data Cloud together to create unified customer profiles.

How the Einstein 1 Platform Supports Big Data at Scale with High-Speed Automation

Salesforce Data Cloud enables enterprises to break down silos across their organization through unifying and harmonizing unstructured data. With Data Cloud as the backbone of the Einstein 1 Platform, customer data across any number of data sources, including legacy systems, can be integrated together and activated throughout the Salesforce ecosystem. This data is available as actionable objects and can be updated automatically, whether triggered by an IOT device, calculated insight, or AI recommendation. And with your data being protected by the Einstein Trust Layer, you can ensure that your proprietary data isn’t being utilized to benefit other Einstein 1 customers when taking advantage of its AI capabilities.

The Einstein 1 Platform Powers You to Deliver Entirely New CRM Experiences

The Einstein 1 Platform goes further than just connecting and integrating your data together; it promises to help your organization build AI-powered apps with low-coding requirements and deliver new CRM experiences, that, according to Park Harris, Salesforce’s co-founder and CTO, “Supercharge productivity, reduce costs, and deliver amazing customer experiences.” Einstein 1 is achieving this by being built on Salesforce’s metadata framework, which helps companies organize and understand data across different Salesforce applications. But Einstein 1 goes a step beyond just assisting in building AI-powered apps as, alongside Einstein 1, Salesforce is introducing a new customizable, AI conversational assistant called Einstein Copilot. 

Einstein Copilot is available as a separate add-on and can be built into the user experience of every Salesforce application, providing users an opportunity to ask questions in their natural language and receive relevant and trustworthy recommendations based on proprietary customer data in Data Cloud. In practice, Einstein Copilot will work alongside you and automate the trigger of certain actions and provide additional recommendations, such as generating an action plan after an email campaign or sales call. These recommendations can be entirely customized by your organization with the Einstein Copilot Studio, where you can select your desired generative AI models that handle content and recommendation generation.

Refine Generative AI Experiences with Model and Prompt Builder

The Einstein 1 Platform, through Einstein Copilot Studio, empowers users to be able to customize their real-time AI experiences with its ability to train their preferred AI models with Salesforce Data Cloud. Prompt Builder empowers your organization to customize AI-powered workflows, so you can personalize and optimize your marketing operations beyond what general AI models provide.  

With Prompt Builder, you can create your own prompt templates that use protected proprietary data to customize the outputs. These templates can be customized based on written style, recipients, and length. You can even dictate which 3rd party modules you want to utilize to generate the outputs for your prompts. This way, you can continually refine what outputs your AI model provides to help your organization accelerate the delivery of the customer experience you envision.

Lev + Cognizant: Your Trusted Data Cloud and Einstein Partner

With 250k free Salesforce Data Cloud credits for all Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Enterprise customers utilizing Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds as well as Tableau, there’s no reason not to explore the amazing benefits of both Data Cloud and the Einstein 1 Platform. Though, while the AI capabilities these platforms provide can revolutionize your productivity and customer experience, gaining the true benefits is not as simple as just engaging in an implementation cycle. 

AI is a long game, one that requires continual experimentation, testing, and refinement. But you don’t have to go on this AI journey alone, as the Lev and Cognizant teams have a proven track record in helping marketing teams develop and execute the right strategy with new technologies that can take your customer experience to the next level. 

With our energetic, empathetic, and growth-driven teams, we can help you get the most out of your tech suite by:  

  • Crafting a vision and AI roadmap that will increase your productivity and accelerate the achievement of your goals 

  • Establishing a data foundation that will empower fully realized, hyper-personalized customer experiences 

  • Continually supporting your marketing operations and campaigns as a true extension of your team 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you prepare your data and AI strategy. One that can help you speed up the growth of your marketing strategy and operations that will empower you to deliver an out-of-this-world experience.