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Lev Shifts Focus Toward Consumer Marketing and Customer Management

It’s an exciting time at Lev as we continue to set our sights on becoming a premier digital consultancy by focusing our business on consumer-facing marketing and customer management partnerships. To support our fast growth nationwide, we have raised $4 million in funding and have sold our SugarCRM Partner practice.

This is a decision that marks the celebration of another exciting new path on Levementum’s journey. Our early days were built on the foundation of customer relationship management through open source technology. Then cloud technology came along and Levementum’s strategy evolved.

In the early days, CRM as a software category had a poor reputation for adding value to a business, and co-founders Doug and Geoff initially focused on disruptive technology. Seeing an opportunity for more comprehensive customer solutions, we started expanding beyond CRM into using CRM, marketing automation, and service-based technology solutions to provide more value to our clients through a holistic approach to customer relationships.

After a successful investment round with Inoca Capital Partners, CEO Doug Guilbeau lead a shift in strategy, and we began our expansion into the Indianapolis tech market. We furthered our talent-first approach to hiring by bringing Senior Vice President Michael Burton on board, and we have continued our growth in the region by focusing on hiring in Michigan.

We’re excited about the success and growth in the Salesforce landscape, but we still remain committed to our origins and our SugarCRM customers. Part of that commitment is making sure our transition away from that product is as seamless as possible for our customers.

The Lev story is an evolving one, and we’re eminently thankful for every brand and every person who has been and continues to be a part of it.

For more information about our $4 million investment round and the sale of our SugarCRM practice, check out our coverage in the Indianapolis Business Journal.