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Marketing Cloud: January 2020 Releases

Marketing Cloud: January 2020 Updates

Who doesn’t ‘Lev’ a good update? We sure do! In this episode of ‘In the Clouds’ Podcast, guest host Nick Burggraf joins Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher to keep you up-to-date on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2020 updates. In this podcast they’ll be covering:

Datorama Data Lake 

This Marketing Cloud ‘add-on’ helps customers expand their marketing intelligence with granular, raw, and non-aggregated data sets. In addition, it allows customers to bring in their granular data and build an architecture to better visualize and analyze data. A notable feature of the Datorama Data Lake is the drag and drop UI for connecting non-connected tables.

Audience Studio Consent Management Enhancements 

These enhancements are expected to make the CCPA compliance easier and more manageable by providing these three tools:

  • Data Deletion: Consumers now have authority to have their data deleted with the CCPA.
  • Data Portability: Provides copy of data
  • Enhanced Consent API: Helps users manager when a customer has opted out of selling their data 

Einstein Messaging Insights

Einstein Messaging now allows users to more easily identify areas which are underperforming. In addition, marketers can now utilize the notification center to see insights on uncommon changes such as dop in engagement.

Einstein Copy Insights 

Einstein Copy helps marketers optimize subject lines by identifying language responsible for driving engagement. Users can utilize this feature to discover words and phrases that elicit a positive response in subject lines.

Distributed Marketing Quick Send Enhancements 

This enhancement allows users to mimic a single simple send out of Gmail or Outlook. Unlike traditional email, these emails can power future sends and go back to the marketing team or yourself as a user.


So what features were retired with this update? Well, you’re going to have to take a listen for that! And stay tuned to the end to find out the first things our be-Lev-ed hosts plan to do when they retire.


If you have questions or have topics you’d like to see covered in future episodes, drop us a line at