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Marketing Cloud Implementation: Migrating To Warmth

Marketing Cloud Implementation: Migrating To Warmth 

Sending from a new IP address can be a nerve-racking undertaking for any organization. There’s a lot at stake and zero room for error, as ISPs can be a fickle bunch. So how do you reach critical mass of sends on a new IP while ensuring you play by the rules of each domain?

Let’s take a peek inside the mysterious black box that is IP warming. We are joined by IP veteran Susan Prater, Associate Principal Marketing Consultant, as she shares her insights and expertise in navigating the world of IP warming. We will walk through pertinent concepts like:

  1. Migration + cutover from your previous IP / ESP
  2. Expected timeline
  3. Domain guidelines and gotchas
  4. Hiccups + hurdles to watch out for
  5. Moving forward with deliverability + IP monitoring

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