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Let's Learn Something Together at Ultraviolet

Our Ultraviolet conference is now less than one month away. It is crazy how fast time seems to be moving these days. The Lev marketing team is carrying the main responsibility of pulling off this event, but I now have a new appreciation for what it takes to pull off any event. Kudos to them and all the Lev team pitching in to make this a success.

Success in my eyes for our first year doing this event is about adding value. This is not a grand event to highlight half-baked customer success stories to drive more sales. This is about practical education and application. And our agenda highlights tactics and key learnings. We had enough content and ideas to drive at least four tracks across multiple days. We purposely focused on limiting the content across two tracks.

What am I excited about? Way more topics than I cover in one post. But three sessions have a deep personal connection for me.

Fireside Chat with Scott Dorsey, Co-founder and former CEO of ExactTarget (acquired by Salesforce), Managing Partner at High Alpha

My gratitude for Scott is plentiful. Without his vision and success serving ExactTarget, I would not be where I am today at Lev. Lev would not exist in its current form. Among many topics, I'm looking forward to asking if he fully comprehended the reach and impact ExactTarget would have for so many people.

Angela Duckworth, Founder, and CEO of Character Lab and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

When the team first informed me Angela was speaking at Ultraviolet, I was pleased. And then, over a day or two, I realized this is a BIG deal. I recalled hearing her many times on NPR and loving every word. I thought back to her book about grit that sits by my desk, and I reference it frequently. No joke. It's to the left of my keyboard right now.

Sports Marketer's Round Table

Over the last few years, we have been giving a lot of thought to improving the fan experience. We have worked with incredible teams and leagues over the last five years. And there is a clear understanding digital marketing for sports cannot only be about tickets. You have to be everywhere for the fan to engage their loyalty. In this session, we will have marketing leaders from the Indiana Pacers, New York Giants,  Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, and Indianapolis Colts share the incredible work being done reimagining the fan experience.

Who knows, we may be able to pull off more Ultraviolet magic in person for 2022 in Indianapolis.

Check out the agenda and register. Let's learn something together.