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Introducing the Ultraviolet Keynote Speakers!

We are so excited to announce Angela Duckworth, Desirée Rogers, and Scott Dorsey as keynote speakers for the first-ever Ultraviolet conference, April 6-7!

Ultraviolet is a virtual conference for marketers using Salesforce, offering more than 30 sessions of content combining marketing strategy with top-notch technical skills. The agenda is being created with the intention of having inspiring and actionable takeaways for attendees.

“We are thrilled to have such powerful and inspiring keynote speakers to kick-off our first-ever conference,” Michael Burton, Lev’s chief executive officer said. “Each of them bring something unique from their careers and experiences, and align with Lev’s values of integrity and diversity.”

Angela Duckworth is a psychologist and best-selling author of the book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. In her landmark research, she reveals the importance of character to success in life. Her pioneering work on grit and self-control—showcased in her instant New York Times bestseller and viral TED Talk—is in high demand among anyone interested in learning what makes a top performer, and what any of us can do to cultivate character in ourselves and those around us. She is also the Founder and CEO of Character Lab, a nonprofit whose mission is to advance scientific insights that help children thrive.

Desirée Rogers is an influential business leader known for her uncanny business acumen and innovative approach to marketing and brand development. She is the first black CEO and Co-Owner of Black Opal Beauty, former CEO of Johnson Publishing Company (creator of Ebony and Jet), and co-owner of Fashion Fair Cosmetics and BLK/OPL. She was also appointed by President Obama as White House Social Secretary, re-positioning the White House as the “People’s House” and implementing innovative events. Rogers offers insights on everything from how to make marketing work in a digital and global age, to how to talk about race and foster a positive, inclusive work environment.  

Scott Dorsey co-founded ExactTarget and led the company as CEO and Chairman from start-up to global marketing software leader. ExactTarget went public on the New York Stock Exchange in March of 2012 and was acquired by Salesforce in July of 2013 for $2.5 Billion. He is currently Managing Partner of High Alpha, a leading venture studio that launches, scales, and invests in enterprise cloud companies. Scott serves on a number of non-profit boards including as Chairman of Nextech, a nonprofit committed to ensuring that all Indiana students have access to the tools they need to develop those skills.

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