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Interaction Studio for Financial Services: Your Secret Weapon

Personalization has been all the rage for B2C marketers for some time, but it’s still in its infancy in B2B, especially in more traditional verticals like financial services. 

According to Salesforce in its second annual State of the Connected Customer report, almost 75% of business buyers expect vendors to personalize engagements to their needs. It even has a name -- The Amazonization of B2B. In addition, customers and prospects are doing their research long before they talk to a person. Most B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before the first meeting with a representative.

Personalization is key to financial services B2B sales success. Below are three, simple ways a commercial bank looking to grow a recently acquired business account, can personalize experiences to expand their relationship, and how Interaction Studio can help. 

1. Sharing personalized content through their website or app

Sharing relevant content when customers are online (e.g. during frequent online business banking sessions) could help grow awareness and interest around additional offerings. Interaction Studio helps deliver the relevant web and mobile app content their customer either shows interest in or content they’ve targeted for them (yes, it can know what companies are visiting their site —  via referring URL’s and IP tracking —  and apply the best content for them).

2. Delivering direct messaging to contacts 

They can also get marketing and sales aligned to deliver that same relevant messaging directly to key contacts. 

  • Interaction Studio can update CRM (Sales or Service) contact records with web or app engagement information (e.g. they checked out Payment Solutions) to help inform face-to-face conversions. So not only do their reps now know which accounts and contacts to focus on (those that have shown interest or intent), they also know what to talk about. 
  • Interaction Studio can share that same web or app engagement insight with their email system —  helping to dynamically populate relevant email content to those same accounts and contacts to further increase your chances of influencing sales efforts. 

3. Targeting ads to primary contacts

Finally, they can reinforce their desired message by delivering relevant ads to their contacts on key social platforms. Interaction Studio can help serve targeted ads (in this case, through business oriented platforms like LinkedIn) directly to their primary contacts at key accounts. By easily syncing with ad delivery platforms (like Ad Studio), contacts can be matched on LinkedIn and sent ad content intended just for them.

If these personalization approaches sound familiar, that’s because they are at the heart of an ABM (Account Based Marketing) strategy that the most effective B2B sales organizations are pursuing today. Interaction Studio can be your secret weapon to create personalized experiences for these targeted accounts. So as you look to pursue or advance your ABM and personalization approaches, be sure to check out Interaction Studio as a foundational element to drive success.