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How Atrium Health is Growing Patient Relationships Through Digital Engagement

Atrium Health is one of the nation's leading healthcare organizations, connecting patients with on-demand care, world-class specialists and the region's largest primary care network. They are focused on providing clinically excellent and compassionate care for all of their patients, which includes the care and communication they receive across their entire journey with Atrium Health. 
Atrium Health partners with Lev to build digital experiences for their patients, powered by Salesforce. For the HIMSS Patient Experience Digital Summit, Lev joined the Atrium Health team to share four ways that Atrium Health is using Salesforce to level up their patient experience:

1. Connecting disparate systems

Atrium Health’s goal is to create a compliant, centralized platform for the entire patient experience. This includes ongoing analysis of their campaigns, understanding their consumers and segment discovery, and personalization. They are building a layered system that includes a data collection layer (social, email, patient data), a data unification and orchestration layer (Customer Data Platform—or CDP), and an action layer that the consumer sees through the deployment of emails, texts, social media, and the website. While they still have a lot of work ahead to achieve this goal of having a complete 360-view of the patient, they have a defined roadmap and a clear vision of where they want to go.

2. Connecting with patients in real time

How do you deliver the right message at the right time to your consumers, and then engage across the entire consumer journey? Atrium Health uses Journey Builder to connect with patients in real time. One example is a vaccine appointment notifications journey they launched earlier this year. 
This journey includes email and mobile messages and leverages a decision split to send patients down a journey path based on the types of messages they are eligible to receive, email, mobile or both. The call-to-action in this journey is for patients to complete their pre-screening forms ahead of their vaccine appointment. This journey is important because it's helping Atrium Health communicate important details about vaccine appointments to patients at scale. 
This is only one example of all of the innovative ways that Atrium Health is using Journey Builder. They also use Journey Builder for post-visit journeys, prenatal care, and more.

3. Building a custom preference center

By implementing a customer preference, Atrium Health gives patients the opportunity to choose the types of messages they want to receive that are specific to their needs for both email and mobile messages. This benefits Atrium Health by allowing them to collect data and gather insights to be able provide relevant communications to patients. Their preference center is fully designed to align with the Atrium Health brand.
Additionally, the custom preference center reduces unsubscribes by giving the patient the ability to opt down rather than completely opt out, which will increase overall engagement. If a patient does unsubscribe, they are able to submit feedback to Atrium Health on the reason why they are unsubscribing, such as" I'm no longer in need of health services," or" I've moved out of state." These options become available in a dropdown when a patient selects the unsubscribe check box at the very bottom of the preference center page. This gives Atrium Health even more valuable insights to improve their overall patient experience. 

4. Leveraging Einstein to improve engagement 

Atrium Health uses Einstein to connect with their patients and better personalize their messages, and has seen remarkable results from implementing Einstein. They leverage Send Time Optimization whenever possible to optimize and get the message to the patient when they are most likely to engage. After they started using Send Time Optimization they learned what day of the week was the most optimal for email sends—which was different than their original hypothesis—and maximized their engagement, increasing overall open rates by 120%.
Atrium Health also uses Einstein to better understand their audiences based on engagement scoring and segment them to help drive engagement, which has greatly increased their loyalist segment by providing personalized messaging to those who had previously been in the winback segment.
Meeting patients where they’re at, using data to drive personalization, and giving them the ability to share their preferences are all excellent ways to gain patient trust and build meaningful relationships. By continuing to put the patient first while maximizing how they use Salesforce, the Atrium Health team will continue to provide best-in-class care across the entire patient journey.
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