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Get Big Marketing Wins Today with a Customer Data Platform

A marketer’s dream is to have access to all of their customer data. Why? Because then you can mix and match that data to create highly targeted segments and personalize the experience each customer has with your brand.  

After all, that’s what customers want—relevant products, services, and information at their fingertips—whenever and wherever they like.  And like our customers, marketers need data fast. Is this asking too much?  

Of course not! Customer data platforms (CDPs) are built to bring multiple data sources together so you can create your dream marketing program. You know, the one that gives customers exactly what they want, when they want it, so they are primed and ready to make a purchase.  

Let’s cut to the chase. We have data experts who work with your tech pros to connect and unify your data in a CDP, usually in a matter of a few weeks. While they’re doing that, your marketing team can begin to build your Ultimate Segmentation Strategy.  

What segments will you build?  

How will you personalize each customer interaction? The possibilities are endless!  

Which is why your first question should be, what marketing goals do I need to achieve? They could be to:  

  • Improve retention  
  • Increase sales through upsell and cross-sell  
  • Decrease time to purchase  
  • Improve CSAT scores  
  • Squeeze 10% more out of your next promotion  
  • Reduce ad spend   

The segmentation and personalization you can do with a CDP can help you hit all these goals.  

Just imagine. You'll have access to so much data. Profile info, preferred shopping locations, and behavioral data, like how often each customer and potential customer engages on each channel, and other data points, like purchases made, lifetime value, CSAT scores, and loyalty status.    

The trick is to create segments with the highest value first 

Think in terms of how recently and frequently they interact with your brand and their potential lifetime value. Ask questions like:  

  • Who can you win back?   
  • Who are your loyalists?   
  • Who has become unengaged?   

Talk to Your Most Loyal Fans  

Let’s walk through creating a Loyalist segment using a CDP. First, you might identify people who’ve opted into SMS or email and include their preferred location, whether that’s in-store, in-app or on the website. You might also include those who’ve made a purchase in the last six months AND who’ve clicked into an email in the last 90 days. Their loyalty points total is also captured. The sources that hold these data points have already been connected and unified in the CDP.   

Now that you have built the segment and included their preferences, you can send a custom message that will appeal to these Loyalists in their preferred medium (email or text) and present that same custom messaging to them on the website, including their favorite store and how many loyalty points they have.   

See how you've made it easier for them to make a purchase?   

Stronger Promotions, More Efficient Advertising  

Let’s say you’re promoting a sale on boots. You can create a segment of people who’ve purchased boots in the past, who’ve visited the boots product page, or abandoned them in their cart. You can now advertise to only these individuals instead of all your customers. This reduces your ad spend and makes the offer extremely relevant and compelling. It’s almost a no-brainer!  

What will your first marketing win be when your CDP is set up and ready to go? What segments will you create? How will you use them? It’s truly a marketer’s dream! If you would like to talk about how a CDP could help your marketing effectiveness and more use cases for this powerful technology, let’s chat.