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Einstein Analytics 101

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use Einstein. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics can be a valuable tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It not only makes personalization easier, but also can deepen your customer engagements. Below is a quick overview of the five products included with the Corporate and Enterprise edition and their benefits. 

What is Einstein?

Einstein is a comprehensive set of artificial intelligence (AI)  technologies that is integrated within the Salesforce platform. It uses data gathered from user actions to provide predictive analytics and machine learning to ultimately help marketers drive more effective customer engagement to personalize, improve campaign performance, and turn insights into actions. 

Before you get started on your Einstein journey, remember: Einstein is a tool. Make sure you review and understand the recommendations before applying them. Each Einstein product is standalone and not integrated with the other Einstein offerings. You may find that some recommendations may not make sense for your brand, subscribers, or sender reputation.

Einstein Engagement Scoring

Engagement Scoring uses customer data and machine-learning to generate predictive models which assign scores for each subscriber's likelihood to stay subscribed, website convert, open an email, or click links in the next 14 days based on their past 90 days of email engagement history. 


  • Monitors the health of your engaged subscriber list via the EES dashboard
  • Segments your subscriber list to identify and target a specific audience based on their predicted likelihood to engage with your campaigns
  • Targets subscribers through Marketing Cloud applications such as Email Studio, Journey Builder, Advertising Studio, or Audience Builder

Einstein Engagement Frequency (EEF)

EEF identifies the optimum number of email messages to send and allows you to see a distribution of email sends and subscriber engagement over the past 28 days via the EEF dashboard.


  • Increases campaign open rates by identifying the optimum number of email messages to send to subscribers
  • Increases engagement rates by pursuing opportunities to market to identified subscribers who received too few email messages
  • Increases marketer productivity to avoiding subscriber fatigue and irritation from too many messages

Einstein Send Time Optimization

Send Time Optimization uses customer data and machine-learning to generate predictive models which assign scores based on the individual subscriber’s behavior with the email. It requires historical subscriber engagement data, and new SFMC users need 90 days to generate initial scores.


  • Knows the optimal send time by hour or day can help you choose the best time for batch sends
  • Recommends the send times that lead to opens and higher engagement 
  • Predicts future engagement behavior from data gathered 

Einstein Messaging Insights

Messaging Insights alerts you to changes in your marketing performance no matter where you are in the Marketing Cloud, and also alerts you to investigate journeys or email sends if an anomaly occurs. 


  • Monitors the Open Rate, Click Rate, and Unsubscribe Rates, including batch sends and journey sends once a day
  • Collects event data for up to seven days after an email send to reassess whether the send is an anomaly or not
  • When an anomaly is found as compared to the expected values, it generates an insight

Einstein Copy Insights

Copy Insights analyzes the text from email subject lines to uncover language insights  to craft subject lines with stronger email engagement. 


  • Identifies features in subject line text and predicts how they contribute to the email’s reach and the engagement it sparks
  • Assesses a 90-day rolling window of email engagement to produce insights
  • Subject Line Analytics show your best performing subject lines based on open rate or your most frequently used subject lines by total emails delivered
  • Emotional Tone Insights measure the presence and impact of a subject line’s tone, as determined by Einstein

To learn more about Einstein Analytics, check out Susan’s entire session from Ultraviolet: E=MC²: Everything You Need to Know About Einstein Analytics.