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Creating a 360° View of Sales Processes via Sales Cloud

With the mission of reinventing the definition of and setting the standard for what can be done with acrylic and polymer, this plastics company was lacking an effective way to managing accounts, leads or opportunities within its global sales team, so they reached out to Lev to find a solution. With the majority of their basic sales processes being done on paper, the team needed a better way to track sales results and report trends to upper management and the Board of Directors. Additionally, they needed a calendar sharing solution, as they lacked the ability for users to enter and share their schedules across regions.

By standing up a Sales Cloud account, the company gained the ability to track the sales cycle for each customer from pre-sales to fulfillment. This gave them easy access to pull reports and analyze the data in order to standardize sales processes and identify areas of opportunity for improved sales training. Along with easy report access, maintaining contacts in Sales Cloud also centralized their contact list, thus minimizing data loss due to employee turnover.

To solve the issue of calendar sharing, Lev installed and configured Salesforce for Outlook to automatically import customer contacts, emails and meetings, making it easier for the sales team to share their schedules across regions.

After the initial account set up, Lev provided the the organization’s leadership team with face-to-face training to ensure that they felt confident carrying out the processes within Sales Cloud. As a result, the sales team reached 100 percent adoption within two weeks of launch.

By partnering with Lev, this leading plastic and acrylic company now has a singular way to track sales records across departments. The amount of time it takes for sales team members to access information has been reduced, and management now has a better window into the pipeline and activities of the global sales team.

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Industry: Retail
Salesforce Products: Marketing Cloud, Content Builder, Journey Builder, Contact Builder, Automation Studio
Challenges: A need to unify marketing efforts across franchises
Outcomes: A Professional Edition Marketing Cloud Account, Onboarding journeys triggered in Contact Builder and Journey Builder, Automation of customer events using Automation Studio