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Coffee With Clients: Takeaways From Our First Client Roundtable

A few weeks ago, we hosted our first ever "Coffee With Clients" virtual event. Our goal for this roundtable session was to bring like-minded Lev clients together to get to know each other, discuss their challenges, and suggest potential solutions based on their experiences.  
While our clients learned a lot from each other (everything from the process of developing a Center of Excellence to best practices for implementing new MarTech solutions), we ended up learning a ton as well! Based on the experiences these clients shared, we’ve spent time reflecting on what we can continue doing to add value for marketers and the organizations they support. Here are some of the high-level takeaways: 


1. Our clients appreciate the way their Lev team coordinates and aligns resources. 

The majority of our projects involve several client teams and complex processes. The clients who participated in our roundtable shared how much they appreciate their Lev teams’ focus on project management and working closely with both the consulting team and client stakeholders to ensure everyone on the engagement is delivering quality work in a timely manner.  

They also agreed that Lev’s ability to pivot and willingness to jump in to help when and where we are needed stands out in comparison to other vendors they have worked with in the past.  

 “I really like the way the relationship is structured, where you have the Client Success Partner as the point of contact and basically the orchestrator of everything that happens around us from Lev. That has been very efficient.” 
"The biggest differentiator between Lev and the 4 other vendors we've used is our Client Success Partner and Service Consultant working with the Lev consulting team to ensure we're successful and everything is tight. There have been some transitions, but we've never had a major headache or issue because of how hands-on Lev is." 


2. Clients respect the expertise we bring to the table. 

Another common theme in the roundtable discussion was Lev’s technical acumen. Because we have ‘been there and done that,’ we can provide recommendations on initial use cases for new technology, help set expectations on timelines and possibilities, and lend credibility when getting buy-in from multiple client teams.  
Beyond our technical knowledge, we are able to partner with our clients on engagements outside of the traditional work of technology implementation or campaign management. From building trust and alignment between teams, to navigating the change management that accompanies new processes and tools, and finding ways to stay compliant while marketing in highly-regulated industries, our experience with a variety of challenges and clients puts us in a unique position to help beyond standard hands on keyboard work.  
"Lev brings so much credibility to our internal teams, including Information Security. InfoSec doesn't believe me, but they believe Lev when Lev tells them." 

“We had an issue we were struggling with for two weeks. Someone from Lev hopped on the phone and literally solved it in two minutes.” 


3. Our clients value the relationships they’ve built with us as much as we do.  

At Lev, we pride ourselves in being an extension of our clients’ teams. We spend a significant amount of time working alongside one another, and their goals are our goals. Most clients have worked with us through many projects over multiple years. The relationships that develop and the trust that grows is invaluable when getting important work done together. We ‘lev’ that and were so glad to hear that our clients do too.   

 “Lev has been really professional, yet very personable. You know our business and know us as people. It's hard to replicate - it's lightning in a bottle. It's not common - it's the Lev magic." 
“We've had a lot of people come and go - Lev is our rock. We work through tremendous problems together - you hire tremendous talent and the way you work with us - you give us space, but you're there to work through complex problems we can't solve." 


For more on how we partnered with specific clients to level-up their marketing efforts, check out our client stories. Or if you are interested in joining in the fun and becoming a Lev client yourself, let’s chat.