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Audience Studio and Datorama: Together 4 Eva


Salesforce owns and sells more products than can be counted on both hands. How many Salesforce products is your business currently operating on? If the answer is more than one, it’s likely your team has explored the multitude of ways to link and leverage your Salesforce products together. How, exactly, is the most seamless and successful way to do so?

Let’s narrow the focus on two advancing Salesforce platforms -- Audience Studio and Datorama.

Audience Studio

Audience Studio collects the data you need for analysis, whereas Datorama can visualize that data into something digestible for all audiences -- executives, marketers and development teams, to name a few. 

Once you have a sufficient amount of data collected in Audience Studio, you can segment audiences to virtually anything imaginable. Whether you want to see devices and their users who have visited a specific URL path, filled out a certain form, clicked a button, or started an application on your website, the segmentation in Audience Studio can help with this in a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. 

This first-party data is just the start. Perhaps you’re wanting to enrich the information of your site visitors with their interests, demographic information, or even brand loyalty - Audience Studio’s third party data sources can provide this, too. The number of segments you could have in your Audience Studio organization could be endless - the next question is, what can you do with the devices and users you’re able to see segmented in “X” amount of different audiences?


Datorama is essentially your one-stop-shop for data visualization and analysis. It has the power to ingest data from all different sources - marketing platforms, Salesforce products, custom flat files, and web analytics tools to name a few. As an even bigger benefit, Datorama has pre-built standard and custom API connectors to retrieve data from more than  100 platforms. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Lev has had some unique opportunities to capitalize on Datorama’s natively built solutions, in addition to adding our own flavor to the mix. As one of the first Salesforce partners to achieve accreditation for Audience Studio, our emerging services team saw an opportunity to recognize further value between two invaluable products. Our custom-built Audience Studio API integration between Datorama and Audience Studio has taken audience data and insights from one platform and visualized those in another. Data must first be understood in order to capitalize on it.

Datorama is the platform to help customers achieve just that. Furthermore, you’re adding another key data source to one login and one platform where you’ve already compiled all other sources. Datorama takes the numbers and attributes from Audience Studio and visualizes them in an intelligible way. Two different platforms, performing two important steps in the investment process working in parallel. While each Salesforce product was built with its own focus and solution, the partnerships between Salesforce, Lev, and our customers are where the most exceptional value can be discovered.

About The Author
Olivia Miller is a Technical Specialist and a graduate of Next Lev, and has helped jumpstart the emerging services department with projects centered specifically on Datorama and Audience Studio. Born in Indianapolis and raised in Carmel, Olivia is happy to be living in downtown Indy, in the center of all the action and a part of the booming digital marketing ecosystem. Outside of the enriching learning environment of Lev, in her free time Olivia enjoys all of the opportunities Indy has to offer, playing in a euchre league, cooking and practicing yoga.