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Interaction Studio: Part 2

Interaction Studio: Part 2 

We bring you the episode you all have been waiting for…Part 2 of Interaction Studio! In the second half of this two part series, Our be-lev-ed hosts Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher join Nick Burggraf to continue the conversation of Interaction Studio. In part one, Interaction Studio as a product was discussed and in this episode, our hosts will be covering all things regarding implementation of Interaction Studio including:

  1. Strategic implications of Interaction Studio and how it differs from other products within the Salesforce suite
  2. The typical process and timeline of implementation
  3. Example Use cases of Interaction Studio
  4. Best practices, common pitfalls, and tips for using the product


“Marketing is never done. You are always optimizing, evolving, and learning more as you go and that is what Interaction Studio is like.” – Cole Fisher


If you have questions or have topics you’d like to see covered in future episodes, drop us a line at