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CCPA: What You Need to Know

CCPA: What You Need to Know 

The new year brings many things. Resolutions, new adventures, and in 2020 – California’s new Consumer Privacy Act. This new bill on the block not only gives power to consumers but will quickly affect digital marketers everywhere. 

In this episode of the ‘In the Clouds’ podcast, our hosts, Bobby Tichey and Cole Fisher, bring fellow teammate Nick Burggraf on the show to give you all you need to know about CCPA. They are answering all your big questions such as:

What Is The CCPA?

The CCPA allows any consumer in the state of California to demand access to all information a company has saved on them, as well as a full list of all third parties said data has been shared with. In addition, the CCPA allows consumers to sure companies if the privacy guidelines are violated. Our host, Cole Fisher goes into detail on what is defined as personal and sensitive data in this podcast.

Who Does It Affect?

Essentially, all companies, digital marketers, and consumers. We dive into greater details on what specific companies and consumers will be most impacted and who should be taking action immediately.

When Is It Going Into Place?

As of January 1st 2020,  the CCPA is in effect. Our hosts go into detail of what to expect within the first 6 months of the bill’s enactment and what California’s Attorney General is allowing for a grace period. 

Repercussions for Non-Compliance?

What all companies want to know! Have no fear, we cover all the details around consequences following the CCPA grace period. You’ll want to make sure your business is in the know. 

In addition to the big questions, our hosts give their advice and considerations regarding CCPA and their tips to make sure you’re ready for this new bill. Speaking of repercussions, stay tuned until the end to hear our hosts take on their favorite villains!

If you have questions or have topics you’d like to see covered in future episodes, drop us a line at