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3 Ways Lev Customers are Using Interaction Studio for Next Level Personalization

As the customer desire for greater personalization has risen, technology has also advanced to help achieve it with greater ease and at scale. One tool that brings together key elements of personalization and solves the challenges of measuring ROI and managing customer data is Salesforce Interaction Studio. 

Interaction Studio is a powerful, real-time personalization engine that creates opportunities for digital marketers to truly understand what their customers want. Below are some of the ways Lev has helped our customers implement Interaction Studio to take their personalization to the next level.  

Personalizing the Fan Experience 

A professional sports team personalized their web and mobile app experiences to deepen fan engagement and drive revenue by using Abandoned Browse with an integration of Ticketmaster in Interaction Studio -- the first of it's kind. They wanted to improve the user experience, and build an internal knowledge of what drives different fan behaviors. This  innovative solution serves an exit disruption pop up if a visitor goes to the single-game tickets web page, but doesn’t click on the “Find Tickets” button. Building off of that, if the user does click the “Find Tickets” button and goes to the Ticketmaster page, but does not purchase, there is a piece of the team’s homepage that contains personalized content that reflects the information of the specific game they were looking at. By implementing this they were able to see an increased conversion and click-through rate. 

Driving Opt-Ins with Real-time Personalization 

A  national car detailing product company wanted to create a personalized experience on their website by offering coupon and promotional codes. Using Interaction Studio, the team developed a series of on-site experiences to provide promotional discount codes to their website visitors. Using past-purchase and website engagement data, Interaction Studio now serves up unique experiences for both new and returning customers. Interaction Studio’s real-time personalization on their e-commerce website significantly improved visitor engagement. Offering unique discount promo codes to first-time and returning customers resulted in a 6.5% increase in the click-through rate. Additionally, the experience for new visitors increased the email opt-in rate by 54%.

Engaging Loyal Customers + Increasing Web Traffic and Membership 

A regional retail supply store wanted to create more authentic touch points across the digital user journey, while driving website traffic and commerce to local stores. They were seeing vast abandoned cart revenue loss and wanted to create strategies to keep customers coming back. To drive traffic and commerce to local stores, Lev used Interaction Studio to implement an Infobar under the navigation on the main site for returning known users encouraging them to visit their preferred store. To capture revenue in abandoned carts, Lev implemented an Exit Intent Pop-Up displayed when a user exits from their cart. To keep their customers coming back, Lev implemented a web content block on the homepage to be used to A/B test offers to their loyalty program. After Interaction Studio implementation, they were able to increase web traffic to local stores, increase the conversion rates for abandoned carts, and increase the membership of their loyalty program with current and also new customers. 

If you would like to learn more about how personalization and Interaction Studio can level up your marketing strategy, check out our eBook, Next Level Personalization: Unlocking the Art of Interaction Studio.