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Innovative Approaches to Solving Marketers’ Toughest Problems

Innovative Approaches to Solving Marketers' Toughest Problems

Innovation is a cornerstone at Lev, and we make a point every day to help our clients improve their marketing operations and strategies. Over the past two years, we’ve found that demand for flexible and innovative customer engagement solutions has grown. Now, more than ever, customers believe the experience a company provides is as important as its product or service offerings. To provide relevant experiences unique to every customer, marketers require innovative solutions. 

That’s why we launched the Levie Awards: to highlight Levsters who are implementing innovative solutions that solve the toughest roadblocks marketers face.  

This year is no different, as many Lev employees have developed and implemented creative solutions to reduce human error, increase efficiency, expand product functionality, and strengthen decision-making. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve done that.  


Reducing Human Error Across Multiple Business Units

An entertainment company came to Lev looking for a solution to a manual process for maintaining a multi-step journey send across 7 business units, and transactional send journeys in 2 business units. The majority of emails in these journeys were built on the same architecture, so when a change was made to the overall template, that change needed to occur throughout the enterprise. Manually, it would take hours to go through each journey and refresh all creatives, with a high likelihood of at least a handful being missed. 

Solution and Results

Within Journey Builder, Lev built an automation that handles the auditing, republishing, and monitoring of each task. Now, when a change is required, the journey only needs to be updated once for it to be reflected across the enterprise. This automation enables each task to run separately for each unit, allowing greater flexibility throughout the republishing and monitoring process.


Improving Email Testing and Efficiency

Improving Email Testing and Efficiency

One challenge many marketers face is running efficient experiments on email campaigns. A technology company needed to split its audience into a control group and several treatment groups to test several parameters. These included but were not limited to gross bookings, product adoption, and the inclusion and exclusion of pre-defined suppression lists. Due to the multi-layered, many-to-many relationships between contacts and vendors, these experiments often required a multi-team, multi-day (and occasionally a multi-week) process to schedule, execute, and track across the marketing and data analytics teams.  

Solution and Results

By creating a straightforward, secure CloudPage form that can be completed by a single marketer in as little as 10-40 minutes, Lev automated much of the campaign setup and reporting process.  

This form submission triggered two automations that:  

  • Audited the log to check for any overlap between active campaigns 

  • Grouped contacts automatically into experiment groups to prevent cross-contamination of the results  

  • Performed either a T- or Z-test to determine statistical significance between the control and treatment groups  

  • Generated a report, providing information such as campaign overlap, statistical significance, or potential errors  

These automations not only save the team hours of campaign setup and reporting but also ensures that they are making decisions based on accurate data.  


Creating a Consistent Campaign Analysis Process

A clients’ Center of Excellence (CoE) was tasked with reporting on the success of their ongoing email and SMS deployments. However, due to inconsistent naming conventions, UTM parameters, and conversion tracking, the team struggled to harmonize their data in Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama). 

Solution and Results

The Lev team partnered with the CoE to help determine and implement: 

  • Consistent conversion tracking groups  

  • Standardized campaign and journey naming conventions  

  • The harmonization of data within their Marketing Cloud Intelligence instance  

  • Easy-to-use resources for leveraging CloudPages 

Lev not only helped clean up their data resources, but also worked alongside the COE to train and educate them on the changes in procedure. These deliverables included:  

  1. A training guide that could be leveraged to educate holding companies on proper naming conversions, conversion tracking, and URL tagging  

  2. An FAQ and campaign name builder complete with a data input dictionary  

  3. A URL UTM builder CloudPage for campaigns activated outside of Salesforce to ensure harmonization across all data sources  

  4. A detailed user guide on updating CloudPages  

By fixing existing errors and implementing the recommended campaign management processes, the COE improved the consistency of their analytics. This enabled them to determine their return on investment for their MarTech stack.


Expanding Product Functionality Within Salesforce Mobile Studio

Expanding Product Functionality Within Salesforce Mobile Studio 

A mobile carrier wanted to use Salesforce Mobile Studio to send relevant subscription updates via SMS messages, their customers’ preferred form of communication. Unfortunately, the carrier ran into a roadblock when they learned Salesforce did not support their country’s short codes. This limitation made their standard Mobile Studio functionality unusable.  

Solution and Results

Lev created a custom activity within Journey Builder as a workaround to this problem, which empowered this provider to automatically send SMS messages to customers.  

Within this journey, the mobile carrier also gained helpful functionality such as:  

  1. The ability to automatically update relevant customer activity data
  2. Personalized messaging by pulling contact information like first name, last name, etc.  

  3. The opportunity for customers to opt-out by clicking a link that is created by the custom activity 

  4. The capability of Marketing Cloud to scan text messages, look for requested keywords, and update the Data Extension with the customer’s response  

As a result, the mobile carrier can meet their customers where they are by sending SMS messages directly to their phones. They can rest easy knowing that they have each customers’ messaging preferences within their Marketing Cloud Instance.


Lev-Up Your Customer Experience

You can take your customer experience to the next level, too. With Lev as a trusted partner, you can implement innovative, creative solutions that solve your most-pressing marketing challenges.  

Contact us to discover how Lev can help you overcome data overload and implement systems and dashboards that drive real results.