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How To Create Your Marketing Cloud Roadmap

February 26, 2020
Tackling your marketing strategy is never a simple task. We all have a vision for what we want to achieve, but not necessarily a clearly defined path to get us there. We not only have to balance different outlooks, goals, and points of view, but also need to maximize the tools and tactics that will help us achieve our goals.
Marketing technology allows us to engage with customers, channels, employees, and other audiences—among a wide variety of other capabilities. But, understanding the full power of your tech stack and how it weaves into your strategy is crucial to its success.

This is where a Marketing Cloud Roadmap can help.

A Marketing Cloud Roadmap is a detailed plan of objectives, personas, priorities, and timeframes that can be generated wherever you are within your journey.
This ebook will explore four, key phases of a solid Marketing Cloud Roadmap that can be leveraged to develop your plan and set you up for success.
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