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Lev Ladies - Virtual Career Panel

Learn more about life at Lev and get to know four amazing women as part of our Lev Ladies Career Panel as four Levsters share their unique career paths and insights learned along the way.

JENNA PACKARD | MANAGER, PAID MEDIA & ANALYTICS Jenna has been in digital marketing for over 10 years, specializing in paid media and performance analytics. Over nearly 2 years at Lev, with the support of a wonderful manager, she’s grown the PMA offering from 1 person and one area, to 5 team members and five areas of expertise (paid media, marketing analytics, SEO, Audience Strategy and UX/personalization). Jenna works with marketing teams across industries to positively impact user acquisition and conversion through various digital channels through data-driven insights. 

KRISTIN TURNER | ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Kristin has over a decade of experience in the tech and professional services industries. Primarily serving roles in account management and sales, she loves working with commercial-size clients, especially retail, and helping them take their email marketing programs to the next level. When she is not working, she is enjoying time with my partner and her 3 daughters exploring Colorado.

LORI DAVIS | DIRECTOR, MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS & BUSINESS ANALYSTS Lori Davis is a seasoned product manager, program manager and IT strategist with over 18 years experience in solving complex technical and business issues. She's made Lev her "work home" for the past 3 years after coming from the client side of consulting. Lori has a passion for solving business problems with technology. She is also Salesforce and PMP certified.

TAYLOR SMITH | SOLUTION ARCHITECT Taylor Smith is a Solution Architect with a focus in Marketing Cloud. She received her Master's Degree from the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University in 2019 and began her career at Lev shortly after through our Next Lev program. She is now 4x Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified.