A New Direction: What’s Happening at Lev

April 10, 2019 Holly Enneking

Benjamin Franklin said, “when you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Levementum (Lev) has seen many changes recently, but we’ve always been a company strategically aligned to the next important step, that ensures continued success for ourselves, our customers and our customer’s customer. Who doesn’t like win-win-win relationships?

When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin

From progressing towards cloud-based solutions, to adding a Board of Directors and ultimately selling our long-standing SugarCRM partner rights, change has been a significant staple in our rapid and continued growth.

The decision to focus on Salesforce solutions came with the understanding that as a team, we could benefit our customers the most by narrowing both our product and solution focus.

If you’ve been following our story for awhile, you saw the first of these changes unfolding in 2015, when we completed a relationship agreement with Inoca Capital Partners and our story started picking up momentum.

Recently, we asked ourselves who we are and who we want to be as to evolve and move forward on our journey to show ourselves off to the world.

We know change can be scary so, here’s what you can expect.

Technical Puzzles Will Always Be Our Jam

A staple of our past that will continue to be evident is our accountability and trust, our calculated risk-taking and our bias for action. These qualities run ever-presently through the veins of our team members. They allow us to solve some of the most challenging technical puzzles for industry leading brands across the globe.

Our expectation for excellence is no secret and continues to shape our company culture into what we adoringly call LevLife.

The LevLife Evolution

LevLife started by attracting top talent with shared values. This has always been the norm, but a new a hyper focused strategy on building a larger, dynamic ‘power’ team that embodies teamwork, honesty and trustworthiness at every level came with a one degree of separation recruiting strategy was the perfect way to build the culture we envisioned. Each person possess the qualities and skills needed to create meaningful relationships naturally with hard work, a down-to -earth attitude, friendliness, and a deep-seeded passion for their area of expertise.

Within this LevLife community, we support this evolution by rewarding effort, sharing knowledge, obsessively learning new skills and supporting our local communities through volunteerism.

A New Face

The vibrancy this creates can be felt by those we connect with and soon a different look will drape our website, presentation and digital assets. A face that is bright, simple and representative of the quality connectedness our team brings to the table.

We are changing in many exciting ways to accommodate our customers’ expanding needs. This is the first step. We believe all the ‘goodness’ starts from within and we think you’ll be even more impressed with what’s to come.

Visit us again soon to see our next reveal or follow our journey on LinkedIn.


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