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Create Email Communications That Resonate with a Next-Level Personalization Strategy

Create Email Communications That Resonate with a Next-Level Personalization Strategy

Investing in a new MarTech platform is often just the first step toward digitally transforming and implementing your global marketing strategy. While these platforms can be highly customized, it’s hard to know how to start building the data infrastructure needed to execute your strategy and get the most out of your investment.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to build your internal marketing processes on your own. With a flexible and innovative marketing partner, you can overcome obstacles and reach your customers with the right messaging at the right place and time.  

Streamlining Marketing Operations Across Multiple Business Units 

Streamlining Marketing Operations Across Multiple Business Units

A sound system manufacturer reached out to Lev to configure their Marketing Cloud instance to segment B2B and B2C customers globally in order to deliver personalized, highly relevant communications to each. This manufacturer upgraded their Marketing Cloud to Enterprise 2.0 to gain access to business units in order to better manage their B2C, B2B, and Sandbox/Development segments. They realized they still needed a strategic partner to help them migrate their data and create an integrated, best-in-class Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance.  

Lev worked closely with this client to create and implement a data migration, management, and integration strategy that would empower their marketing team with:  

  1. A centralized, real-time view of customer data across B2B, B2C, and Sandbox/Development business units  

  1. More effective campaign data intelligence and data analytics through MC Intelligence 

  1. Enhanced personalized capabilities, enabling more effective segmentation based on region, web analytics, and purchasing data  

Lev not only migrated relevant subscriber and customer data into their new, updated Marketing Cloud instance, but also implemented a preference management hub. This allowed customers to choose the communications they receive, reduced the number of value-driven journeys from 47 to 17 to simplify lifecycle management, and integrated all their digital platforms with Sales and Marketing Cloud to establish a single source of truth for all customer data and activity.   

Crafting Personalized Communications That Increased Purchase Intent 

Crafting Personalized Communications That Increased Purchase Intent

While the client had the tools necessary to further personalize their emails across their B2B and B2C segments globally, they wanted to ensure they applied personalization best practices throughout their email communications. This way, they could put their best foot forward in communicating how their products could greatly improve the sound experience for anyone from casual music lovers to seasoned audiophiles. 

Lev not only helped craft a highly dynamic Marketing Cloud program and outreach strategy but also built a solid foundation the client could use to scale their personalization capabilities in the future. Now, based on a recipient’s preferred language, segment, and purchase history they can build dynamic emails with differing subject lines, featured images, testimonials, product offerings, and translations tailored to each recipient.    

By implementing Ampscript within their email communications, this manufacturer can now empower B2C customers with unique shopping experiences. Recipients could change a portable speaker’s color, increase quantity, and add their selection to their cart all without leaving their email client. Once “add to cart” was clicked, the customer’s selection would be reflected in their cart on the website, eliminating potential friction throughout the checkout process. 

With more dynamic, personalized emails, the client’s marketing team can better stand above the noise of their competitors. These highly tailored emails exceeded their benchmark and increased attributable revenue, average order value, and repurchasing rates within their target audiences.

Get The Most Out of Your MarTech Investment with a Trusted Marketing Partner 

Every day, Lev is helping marketing teams, both large and small, expand their footprint and generate new opportunities by implementing innovative, forward-thinking strategies that maximize the ROI on marketing tech stacks.  With the right tools, processes, and strategies in place, you can overcome obstacles and reach your customers with the right messaging at the right place and time, too. 

Check out our eBook, Next Level Personalization, to learn how we can help you develop a next-gen personalization strategy that drives impact. Contact us to begin implementing that strategy and produce engaging, highly effective email campaigns.