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How Journey Builder Can Help Financial Services Marketers Grow Market Share

Getting customers the right message at the right time is essential for a successful marketing strategy. More and more banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are looking for ways to humanize and personalize the customer experience.
A great way for financial services marketers to leverage the right information to send to their customers is Journey Builder. Journey Builder is a tool that helps marketers create personalized, engagement-based experiences (aka journeys) for customers. With Journey Builder, you can create unique, multichannel experiences at scale, and manage and monitor their activity.

Journey Builder can help create those experiences by marketing to customers based on life events, or on their specific purchasing behaviors. For example, you can market to people based on life events — like birthdays or marriages — and offer them mortgages, car loans, or credit cards in turn creating a co-selling and upselling opportunity with the customer.

CUSTOMER STORY: Growing Market Share With Personalized Journeys

A regional bank was looking for ways to humanize the banking experience. Having a strong one-on-one customer connection is a huge part of their brand, and they wanted their communications to reflect that.

They were sending batch and blast emails that had little to-no personalization. They set a goal to create a repeatable approach to defining, prioritizing, and creating personalized
communications within Marketing Cloud. Using their existing customer data, they were able to set up a mortgage onboarding journey with a goal of cross selling or upselling other banking products to existing mortgage account holders.

They reviewed each of their customers individually, and decided which highly targeted message each customer would receive. With this personalized approach, they plan to gain more market share across multiple segments of customers.

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