Customer 360: What Is It?

October 18, 2019 Stephanie Purdy

Customer 360: What Is It? (Episode 9)

“Imagine a world where a call-center agent knows how a customer uses your app so they can serve them better; a sales associate knows the kinds of products a shopper likes so they can save time in the store, and a website adapts based on a prospect’s recent product reviews. That’s a quick glimpse at the promise of unification for a Salesforce customer.”

In this episode of ‘In the Clouds’ podcast, our hosts, Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher, invite teammates Ryan McCambridge and Nick Burggraf on the show to take a deep dive into Customer 360. To help our listeners better understand the platform, they will be covering:

What is Customer 360? 

Customer 360 offers a new set of services that will enhance data management across all of Salesforce, the #1 CRM for sales, service, communities, commerce, and marketing.

What’s the goal of the platform?

  1. To connect enterprise data from any source.
  2. To build a unified customer profile.
  3. To manage customer insights and inspire engagement.

When can you get it?

Ryan and Bobby also discuss the benefits of buying Customer 360 vs building a platform of your own to manage and integrate customer data. Stay tuned until the end as one of our hosts shares what happens when a tech guy shares a story about his brave venture into home improvement; you don’t want to miss it!

If you have questions or have topics you’d like to see covered in future episodes, drop us a line at


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