Datorama 101: Built for Marketers

Steph Purdy

Datorama 101: Built for Marketers (Episode 16)

Learn all about the platform designed for marketers. In this episode of In the Clouds, hosts Bobby Tichy and Cole Fisher invite Lev’s Technical Specialist Olivia Miller on the show to discuss all things Datorama. Olivia played an active role in Lev recently being named the number one Datorama Partner last year by Salesforce and is here to share her thoughts on this marketer-friendly tool. In this podcast they will cover:

  1. The functions of Datorama
  2. Things to keep in mind when implementing Datorama
  3. How Datorama complements and compares to Tableau 
  4. How the standard Marketing Cloud connector and Lev’s customized connector can be utilized 
  5. When it is appropriate to use Data Lake, Datorama’s recent addition
  6. Customer Examples

And as always, stay tuned for the completely unrelated section at the end to wrap up!

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