Three Plays to Level Up Fan Experience

February 5, 2020

In a joint webinar with Pacers Sports & Entertainment, we talked about how the Pacers are leveraging Salesforce to create a connected fan experience.

We also outlined three ways that leading sports & entertainment teams are leveling up the fan experience, focusing on ticket sales, in-venue experiences, and suites & sponsorships – or premium experiences.

In our latest e-book, we dive deeper into these three categories to share things to think about as you are building your fan experience strategy.


Ticket Sales

In most cases, this is the single most important and single most impactful moment for both the seller and the buyer. You, the seller need to fill your venue to optimize revenue; this is also the only guaranteed moment of interaction the buyer has with you.

It is essential that this process feels anticipated, and meaningful. Arming your sales teams with a comprehensive 360° view of who their fans are – similar to the story above – makes every interaction highly personalized, and an experience that makes your fans want to come back even more.


Suites and Sponsorships

We see a lot of organizations still managing their most lucrative revenue streams through manual and dated processes and technology. Teams and venues must optimize how their are going to market with these assets. Inventory optimization, lease management, and dynamic pricing optimization and tracking are just a few of the ways organizations can mature quickly to show quick time to value in these critical channels.


Fan Experience

How do you make the most of every interaction you are having with your fans? Do you know who they are? Do you know Michael – the family ticket buyer, from Michael the corporate group ticket page buyer? Do you know that they’re the same person? How do you bring visibility to any team member talking to Michael so that it is orchestrated music and not noise? Those experiences must also transcend all channels; voice, text, email, and in venue. Bringing those moments to life are possible.

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