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Crawl, Walk, Run with American Savings Bank: Their Journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

American Savings Bank (ASB) is a leading financial institution in Hawaii, offering businesses and customers comprehensive financial services—including banking, home loans, insurance, and investments. Dedicated to making banking easy, the bank offers a comprehensive online banking platform, in addition to several branch locations across the state.

Once the pandemic hit, the ASB team had to accelerate their plans to drive adoption amongst their branch-centric customer base to leverage their extensive online banking capabilities. Using a robust Salesforce-powered solution comprised of Marketing Cloud, Interaction Studio, Social Studio, Ad Studio, and DMP, the ASB team was able to quickly adapt to the changing times while still accelerating full-steam ahead on their “crawl-walk-run” approach to leveling up their customer experience with Salesforce. Join them as we discuss:

  • CRAWL: How the ASB team is leveraging Journey Builder to drive adoption of their online banking capabilities
  • WALK: How the ASB marketing team is maximizing their Salesforce-powered tech stack to drive team efficiencies and seamlessly integrate into the rest of their business—including using DMP as a key part of their paid media strategy
  • RUN: How the ASB team plans to leverage Interaction Studio to create a more personalized experience for their customers