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Working From Home: It’s Time to Chat


This blog is part of an ongoing series on enabling your team to work more efficiently in the office and anywhere in the world. You can read part one, "Working From Home: Dial Up the WFH Experience with CTI" here. 
In today’s business world, the gold standard is connecting with customers quickly, wherever they are, and with relevant information. Having a solid website with useful FAQs and easy-to-find ways to reach out, such as contact forms and publicly available phone numbers and email addresses, can go a long way. But no matter how talented they are, a customer service representative or sales associate can only speak with one customer at a time, and with the constant deluge of spam and marketing emails filling our inboxes, most of us check our personal emails sparsely, making email a slow communication channel.
The days of email and phone as the only business channels are over. If you really want to amp up the customer experience, live chat is where it’s at. Implementing a live chat solution for your team allows customers to connect with an associate and get their question answered immediately while giving your team the ability to manage multiple conversations simultaneously, allowing you to address the needs of more customers with less staff.
There are a number of live chat solutions on the market which can integrate with CRM solutions, but the cream of the crop for Salesforce are Salesforce’s Live Agent and Digital Connect solutions. 
Live Agent lets you drop a chat box on your website and quickly connect with customers, and Digital Connect takes it to the next level, offering an SMS integration to allow your customers to text back and forth with your team while enabling chat bots, complete transcripts of chat conversations, valuable metrics, and much more. Whether your team is working from the office or their couches, live chat will make them more efficient and give your customers a world-class experience!