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Using Social Studio to Connect with Customers

Social Studio is a powerful tool allowing modern marketers to leverage the power of organic social media unlike ever before. Social Studio gives its users superpowers. It allows users to be a fly on the wall and listen to conversations happening about their brand, not at their brand, across all social media channels. And, it allows them to stay one step ahead of viral shifts in public perception with sentiment modeling. 

Superpowers aside, these features are not wholly unique among today’s most popular social media management tools. The majority of applications or platforms dedicated to social media focus on bringing these channels together to either push out or pull in content into one place. But unlike other tools, Social Studio integrates with Salesforce CRM products to connect social media followers to actual customers. 

Social Studio’s ability to connect with customers on social media is majorly transforming the way brands and businesses approach customer service today. 

Social Studio for Social Media Customer Service

For years, big brands and small businesses alike have witnessed the value of using social media channels in facilitating customer service online. Where customer experience is everything, social media offers a glimpse into how brands acknowledge, respond, and react to their customers in a public space. 

These public exchanges are shifting dynamics by giving consumers the upper hand in holding brands or businesses accountable. From missing parts to bad packaging and everything in between, customers can see how brands and businesses respond to these needs. Gaining more visibility into customer service is a huge perk to customers. 

But, unfortunately for businesses, managing customer needs via social media can easily overwhelm resource-strapped and time-constrained internal teams. Unless that is, you use Social Studio. 

Social Studio lets users push customer inquiries to a Salesforce CRM so then the appropriate internal representative can respond, document the interaction, and follow the issue until it is resolved. When receiving a high-volume of customer requests, having the proper automated processes and workflows in place to keep things moving is critical for big-name brands and businesses. Especially, if those inquiries are coming in from multiple channels.

Servicing Customers on Social Media

At Lev, we work with both marketing and customer service teams to alleviate the strains of online customer service management by leveraging Social Studio. Social Studio helps marketers identify customer service needs coming in through the social accounts to then route them to Salesforce and alert the appropriate customer service team member. On the customer service side, the inquiry can then be connected to a customer record. Connecting a social media customer to the internal customer database allows teams to determine the right approach in servicing these needs. 

For some organizations, automation is paramount in designing and developing this exchange. When working with a national grocery store chain, Lev developed automation to determine the appropriate response for customer inquiries coming from social media channels. Working with the marketing team and the customer service team, Lev worked with the brand to develop a standardized approach to help internal teams know when to reply, respond, or escalate.

For others, freeing up marketing resources when processing customer inquiries online helps small teams get more done. A recent example of this is the lean, mean marketing team for a travel insurance company. We worked with the social media marketer to develop the appropriate workflow in Social Studio to make sure any customer service type inquiries on their social media channels were tagged, shared, and tracked. The ability to quantify the amount of customer service-type activities occurring on their social media channels made clear the need for a customer service-oriented approach and resource to manage the company’s responses. 

Using Social Studio to better integrate customer service inquiries regardless of source helps brands and businesses ensure the optimal customer experience at every touchpoint.