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The SubscriberX Journey

Over the last two decades, nearly every industry has experienced major disruption. Whether by innovation or market forces, more and more businesses are adopting digital subscription models. This creates an interesting challenge: with the average consumer subscribed to a growing number of services (12 for the average consumer, 17 for the average millennial), how do you differentiate yourself and reduce churn? How do you do that at scale? 

Figuring out what keeps subscribers engaged is critical to success. According to PC Magazine, your key tools for reducing churn are quality content (exciting programming, unique clothes, awesome trainers), price, and personalization. 

Personalization offers a unique avenue for engaging with subscribers,with the data showing that consumers are becoming ever more fond of personalized experiences. In-app personalized recommendations have been part and parcel of the subscription transformation, with more and more providers, especially streaming services, offering personalized content recommendations with ever-increasing accuracy. 

But, what happens outside of your app? Imagine how much more revenue you could drive if you could deliver that personalized experience to your customers, regardless of channel, whenever they’re engaging with your product. 

That’s where SubscriberX comes in! Designed by Lev and powered by Salesforce, SubscriberX enables you to give an individual subscriber, let’s call them X, a personalized and delightful experience across the entire customer lifecycle and all channels, so they keep coming back for more. 

Let’s follow X as they interact with imaginary streaming media service, Xanthippe, to see how the SubscriberX accelerator can help delight customers. 


X is scrolling through their social media one day and sees an ad for Xanthippe. It looks interesting to them, so they decide to click the ad. When they arrive on Xanthippe’s website, they see the same ad alongside shows similar to the ones that got them interested and the special discount we have going on for the holidays.

In the background, the SubscriberX toolset has been hard at work. It presented an ad specifically targeted to X based on success with lookalike audiences aligned with their social media profile, spiking their interest immediately. When they click on the ad, it begins building their profile, with that ad serving as our first point of data. As they navigate our site, we continue to build upon that profile by analyzing their behavior, allowing us to give them more and more targeted suggestions. 

After scrolling through for a little while, X decides they want to sign up for a subscription. On the signup page, X sees an ad featuring the logos of several of the shows they looked at earlier and telling them to check out one of the bundles. X immediately starts signing up, enters their name and email, but their wallet is in the other room, and they get distracted as they go to fetch it. As they’re drinking their coffee the next morning, they see an email reminding them to finish signing up so they can start watching our awesome shows, and that’s just the reminder they needed to go grab their wallet. 

In the background, SubscriberX continued to build a better profile until it identified that X’s behavior suggested they’d be a good fit for one of our bundles. It was no coincidence that X felt like it was designed just for them because, in a sense, it was! And because they entered their contact information, Xanthippe was able to follow up with an abandoned cart reminder that helped close the deal.

Eleven months after signing up for an annual subscription, X gets an email reminding them to renew for next year. They always use the app, so they’ve not had to use their password since signing up and have since forgotten it. They’re old school, so they decide to ignore the “Forgot Password” link and the chat box offering to help, and call our service center. The agent picks up, greets X by name, and gets right to work helping get their password reset. After X is logged back in, the agent offers to renew their subscription while they’re on the phone together, and recommends a new bundle just released.

Behind the scenes, we saw that X’s subscription was coming due and were able to automatically send them a reminder. When they got stuck and called in, the agent was presented with X’s customer profile, letting them get to know the customer before they even picked up the phone. A special widget on their desktop recommended up-selling the customer based on the shows they watch and ads they’ve interacted with, making it easy to delight X.


SubscriberX is a powerful accelerator, built on the Salesforce platform, designed to help businesses provide a personalized and delightful user experience to every subscriber. From awareness to engagement through renewal and re-subscribing, SubscriberX will help your business grow your subscriber base and reduce churn. For more information, reach out to Lev today.