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Marketing and the Customer Experience

It’s no secret that customers demand high-quality, seamless digital experiences when they’re engaging with a brand. From the first touchpoint through the eventual renewal or second purchase, marketing has the ability to positively impact every interaction a customer has with the company. The challenge, however, lies in integration; finding ways to integrate the people, processes, and technology across an organization in order to deliver those unified experiences. 

More and more, marketing teams are being asked to take on added responsibility when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experiences. We see this already in CMO roles being replaced by the new executive role CXO: Chief Experience Officers. The days of a demand-gen-only function for marketing are long gone. Here to stay is the expectation that marketing owns or influences almost every moment within the customer journey. 

That’s why it’s important for marketers to put in time to understand the people, processes, and technology driving their counterparts in sales and service. When a marketing organization has better insight into the goals and resources driving how customers are won and grown, the more enabled the marketing team becomes in delivering the type of unified, integrated experience customers expect.

Ready to take the first step? There’s no time like the present. 

If you’re interested in learning more to start connecting the dots between marketing and sales, our friends at ATG are hosting Quote 2 Cast, a virtual conference all about The Future of Quote to Cash. 

Their three day event, with two-hours of content each day, takes place July 14-16. They’ll cover new technologies in the quote to cash space, how marketing and sales teams can deliver a unified approach to improve the customer experience, and discuss the future of work in the context of our unique times. You can see a full agenda here and register for the virtual conference here