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How Interaction Studio Enhances Personalization for Marketers

As the Marketing Technology landscape has grown exponentially in the past decade, it's become more and more difficult for our client marketers to determine which tools are necessary or critical.  At the same time, marketers show increasing focus on measurable ROI, not just awareness or views and personalization is a proven driver of such results.  Consumers see the benefits of personalization and expect something in return for sharing their information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

This MarTech landscape has long promised to affect positive changes toward engagement, personalization and therefore, ROI,  which are becoming increasingly available through tools such as Interaction Studio (previously branded as Evergage).


At Lev, we focus on data, content, technology, operations, and measurement as the core elements of a personalized marketing strategy. Interaction Studio (IS) has capabilities in each of these areas, opening the opportunity to ongoing personalization, across multiple channels:

  1. Data - IS serves as a data ingestion tool, capturing anonymous and known profile information through your website, and storing behavioral data about that visitor for later use.  In this regard, IS can serve as a 'light' Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  2. Content - Marketers can store a variety of offer and call to action content in IS, which can be displayed through the web to the visitor in real time.  It's important to note that this display can be done at different times, based on available information, and can be measured for effectiveness.  For example:
    • Anonymous visitor - A sample set of stock offers can be displayed and measured to determine which receives the greatest amount of interaction
    • Known visitor - Based on personal information and known preferences, different Calls to Action can be presented 
    • Anonymous visitor, with behavioral data - Based on current or recent visits, different offers can be displayed based on user behavior (products viewed, pages visited, etc.)
  3. Technology - The IS platform helps collect and store data, present offers, but also has a machine learning layer that allows for near real time capabilities such as segmentation and scalability. IS will segement consumers based on current and previous behavioral information, and well as scale on a global basis. 

4. Targeting - IS can distribute messages and campaigns directly to your website, but can also serve as an orchestration engine, passing consumer data to email and mobile tools, achieving reach across channel quickly

5. Measurement - It can be difficult to measure performance of a campaign or to attribute action to a particular offer or message.  The IS tool allows for this measurement to occur continuously, as A/B testing results are documented, and engagement, clicks, purchases, cross-sell and upsell are also measured.  

As the consumer desire for greater personalization has risen, technology has also advanced to help achieve personalization, with greater ease and at scale.  The Interaction Studio platform brings together key elements of personalization, (data, content, technology, test, and learn) making it easier to achieve personalized aspirations, and clears the way, allowing greater time to consider customers, and create those compelling offers and calls to action.