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Creating a Personalized Ultraviolet Experience

This year's Ultraviolet agenda is stacked with more than 30 incredible sessions to help you become a better marketer and Salesforce user. If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed on what sessions to attend, and would like a little bit of guidance, we’ve put together a sampling of sessions based on your needs and interests. 

  • Do you want to level up your Marketing Cloud game? This agenda focuses on sessions that will help Marketing Cloud power users get more out of SFMC.
  • Are you interested in what else Salesforce has to offer? This agenda is all about diving into emerging tech, like Interaction Studio, Datorama, and CDP.
  • Are you a marketing leader looking for new ideas? This agenda prioritizes sessions that dig more into strategic ideas and insights from existing Lev customers.
  • Are you considering signing with Salesforce (and Lev)? This agenda includes sessions that demonstrate the value of SFMC and the impact it (and marketing in general) can have on a business.

As a reminder, these agendas are just starting points, and only include three options for each day (for the full list go here). 

Level up Your Marketing Cloud Game


  • 12:25 pm - How Good Journeys Become Great
    From innovative techniques to hacking human behavior, this session will dive into what takes a consumer journey to the next level. We will explore intriguing Journey Builder concepts including counterintuitive but effective methods behind the madness to create and optimize the best customer experience.
  • 1:10 pm - Preference Centers Debunked
    Marketers are continuously striving to deliver the right message at the right time using the right channels.  Preference centers give your customers the power to control the messages they receive from your brand and in what channel.  We’ll break down what a preference center is and isn’t and review essential elements to ensure your preference center maximizes your customer relationships.
  • 3:00 pm - Send Better Emails
    Everyone wants to believe their marketing emails are performing well and driving conversions, but what if the data tells a different story? Even the most beautifully designed emails can fail if they don't address the specific needs and actions of the customer. In this session we will walk through the creative audit process, and show you how to use analytics to take the guesswork out of your own email designs.


  • 8:00 am - “In the Clouds” Live: Ask an Expert
    You’ve got burning Salesforce Marketing Cloud Questions, and our “In the Clouds” hosts have answers. Join us live to ask Bobby Tichy, Cole Fisher, and Stephen Mansfield your technical questions about anything and everything - from data models to A/B testing. Can’t stump these guys.
  • 1:10 pm - Email Marketing in the Age of Digital Privacy Laws
    Welcome to the age of data privacy, where governments and technology manufacturers around the world are limiting how companies can collect and use the data generated by individuals.  This has a sweeping effect on virtually every aspect of how businesses engage potential customers in the digital world, including when it comes to practices like email marketing. If you're thinking about launching an email marketing campaign, it is imperative you are aware of how data privacy laws and Apple MPP may apply to your business.
  • 3:00 pm - Content Builder 101
    As an email marketer, you likely spend a lot of time in Content Builder, but do you really know all the bells and whistles available to you? Join one our most senior Technical Producers, Shan Parker, as he teaches you to better leverage Content Builder features like drag and drop functionality, form blocks, business unit sharing, and dynamic content.


Interested in All Salesforce Has to Offer


  • 1:10 pm -Which Interaction Studio Use Cases Are Right For Me
    What's great about Interaction Studio is that it gives you nearly unlimited possibilities for personalizing the customer experience. What can be scary is not knowing where to start with those possibilities. In this session, we'll introduce tips to set up Interaction Studio and share use case best practices to help you accomplish your business goals and set you up for success.

  • 3:25 pm - What Is Salesforce Customer Data Platform and How to Ready Your Organization
    Introducing Salesforce CDP into your tech stack can reinvigorate your marketing strategy, but it’s also a key business decision that should be undertaken after careful consideration. Join two of Lev’s CDP experts for an overview of the platform’s features and tips to consider as you ready your organization to implement the tech.
  • 4:35 pm - Leveraging WhatsApp to Reach a Global Market
    For anyone who has tried to expand mobile marketing globally, you know it's not an easy task. Today, consumers outside the US do not leverage SMS text making it difficult to reach your global customers. So you must find a way to meet them where they are… on apps like WhatsApp.  Lev has supported Marketing Cloud to WhatsApp messaging since the WhatsApp beta release in 2019. We will talk about how the Marketing Cloud to WhatsApp integration works, pitfalls to watch out for, and just how successful WhatsApp can be in engaging your global customer.


  • 1:10 pm - Einstein Recipes: Interaction Studio’s Secret Ingredient
    Interaction Studio’s Einstein Recipe system is a smart way to target individual visitors with unique content or product suggestions based on their site behavior. In this session, we’ll walk through how to set up recipes, how to test against site visitors, and share considerations on how to get your website "recipe ready.“ You’ll leave with the perfect “recipe” for achieving next-level personalization. 
  • 3:25 pm - What, Where, and When: How to Activate Personalization for Your Business
    In the year 2022, the conversation around personalization is less about if we should personalize, and more about how we should be executing our 1-1 communications. But once you've gathered all your data to fuel this personalization, knowing where to execute can feel overwhelming. This session will give you actionable ways to execute personalization through content, channel, and timing.
  • 4:35 pm - Fledge, Fly, Soar: Leveling Up with Interaction Studio
    Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) took a crawl-walk-run (or fledge, fly, soar) approach to implementing Interaction Studio with 3 key use cases: Fledge: Abandoned Cart Exit Disruption Pop-Up; Fly: Journey Injection; and Soar: Open-Time Emails. In this session, they’ll walk through each of their use cases, challenges they solved for, and what they’ve learned throughout the process.

Expand Your Strategic Thinking


  • 12:00 pm - Lessons in Customer Experience: Learning from Disruption in the Comms, Media & Technology Industries
    In this session, we'll dive into subscription business models that have disrupted the Comms, Media & Technology industry, especially as we think of entertainment and streaming services. We'll go through the entire customer lifecycle to explore where brands are excelling, where they can improve, and how we can take these learnings to apply to everyone providing a service to their customers--regardless of industry.
  • 1:10 pm - Marketing Success at Any Size
    Whether you have an in-house marketing team of 2 people or 20 people, Marketing Cloud can be an effective tool to manage and scale digital marketing activities. In this panel discussion, hear from four Lev customers with different sized teams on how they manage Marketing Cloud day to day and efficiently deploy their teams to drive marketing success for their organizations. 
  • 4:10 pm - Alphabet Soup: Navigating the Paid Media Landscape
    CPC, CPM, DSP, DMP, OTT, the list goes on and on! Navigating the paid media world can be intimidating with so many acronyms and buzzwords. Join us as we look at what matters when planning and evaluating your paid media efforts. We'll not only digest the ABCs, but also provide strategic direction on how to use these elements to take your paid media to the next level.


  • 12:00 pm - Failing Is a Learning Opportunity
    Effective consulting relies on having deep, situational knowledge and expertise that can only be gained by experiencing some failure along the way. To fail is normal and human, and will only make you a better consultant. In this session, Lev’s General Managers will share how failure can actually help you be more productive, make better decisions, and ultimately be more successful.
  • 12:25pm - Integrated Sales: Pardot and The Future of B2B CRM
    Pardot is evolving rapidly: over the last year Salesforce have invested and developed significant new capabilities that signal the future state they see B2B marketing moving to.  This session covers the new developments for Pardot and the considerations organizations need to take as Salesforce continues its evolution of Pardot, ongoing challenges Lev sees in clients around their B2B marketing product, and recommendations for marketing organizations to address in order to establish a future-state B2B digital platform
  • 3:00 pm - MQL, SQL, ASAP! Managing Leads with Marketing Cloud
    A key challenge which marketing operations managers are facing is how to effectively collaborate with sales teams. Whether you're selling directly to customers, or through a network of partners or resellers, the revenue impact of your marketing activities relies on your ability to measure lead quality and enable your sales teams to do their job. In this session with SalesWings co-founder Philip Schweizer, you'll discover the 3 key ingredients to collaborate with sales teams in and around Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Data collection, lead profiling, and handoff process.

Considering Investing with Salesforce 


  • 1:10 pm - Marketing Success at Any Size
    Whether you have an in-house marketing team of 2 people or 20 people, Marketing Cloud can be an effective tool to manage and scale digital marketing activities. In this panel discussion, hear from four Lev customers with different sized teams on how they manage Marketing Cloud day to day and efficiently deploy their teams to drive marketing success for their organizations. (50 minute session)
  • 3:25 pm - Identifying Interaction Studio Use Cases to Impact Business Goals
    Rockland Trust has been using Interaction Studio to personalize their web user experience to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction, and increase conversion rates and wallet share of their current customers. In this session they'll share how they prioritize their business goals to achieve the most impact from Interaction Studio.
  • 4:35 pm - Unlock the Power of Marketing Cloud Through Partnership
    Working with a Marketing Cloud consulting partner is a big investment, but if the relationship is strong, the sky's the limit for what you can accomplish together.  Southern California Edison will share the keys to their partnership success with Lev including specific examples of how they work together to unlock the power of partnership. 


  • 12:25 pm - More Insights and Less Reporting with Datorama
    Join two of Lev’s Datorama Solution Architects to learn the secrets behind cutting down on reporting hours, but increasing insights into your marketing data. Datorama is your one stop shop to analyze your business holistically, through seamless integrations to Google Analytics, Facebook, CRM, Marketing Cloud and more. Join us to learn more about the power of Datorama’s cross-channel unification and visualizations.
  • 3:25 pm - After Your Marketing Cloud Implementation: A Surprising New Horizon (featuring WEX)
    Little did WEX know, standing up Salesforce Marketing Cloud—a tool for marketing engagement—would put them right in the center of the company, rethinking data strategy and helping design the future state of their customer experience. The WEX team wants this to be an inspiring and thoughtful discussion that celebrates the wins of implementation but then quickly gets into the world of possibilities and learnings as they consider next steps.
  • 4:10 pm - Scaling with Salesforce: A Fireside Chat with Grand Canyon Education
    The team at Grand Canyon Education (GCE) have been long-time Salesforce power users (Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud) and adopters of emerging technologies like Datorama and Interaction Studio.  As GCE continues to scale, both as a result of masterful marketing and through acquisitions, they continue to advance their marketing capabilities, while bringing new companies along on their journey. In this session, GCE will share how they’ve been able to drive results with Salesforce, their advice for managing through an acquisition, and how they plan to continue scaling for success.

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