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Amplify Change Management with In-App Guidance

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, but with great power comes great complexity. Complex processes sometimes require completing steps that aren’t always intuitive. And even if the process is easy, it still takes time and effort to ensure your team is notified and trained on new updates, and to train new team members on how to leverage the system effectively. Having a strong onboarding and change management process is critical to the success of any implementation. 

There are many ways to drive successful change management in your Salesforce environment. Traditionally, companies have generally created videos, presentations, or booklets to share with the team, but preparing this material can be time intensive and still leave gaps that require hands-on training and support. In-person training can be hard to schedule, especially now, and takes your team away from critical tasks. Help Text and related features in Salesforce can provide your team some basic guidance, but those tools are designed to provide additional clarity, not to provide training. The absolute best kind of training you can give your team is in-person, 1-on-1, standing over their shoulder as they navigate the system.  But, obviously, that’s a pipe dream. Then again, Salesforce’s In-App Guidance can give you the power to give your whole team that kind of direct, personal, timely support without you having to take time out of your day. 

My friend and former colleague Lizz Hellinga of Montage Learning recently presented a fantastic webinar and prepared some videos on this fantastic feature released Summer 2019. Available to customers leveraging the Lightning Experience, “In-App Guidance helps you meet users in the moment when they need it most.” Without purchasing a 3rd party solution and with “clicks, not code”, you can create on-screen prompts alerting your team to new features on the page they’re looking at, add videos or other multimedia, or even place the prompts directly next to new fields and buttons to make learning new features easy. Prompts can be scheduled to display once or repeatedly over a period of time, and you can control which team members will see them, meaning that every team will get content curated specifically for them. 

For more information on In-App Guidance, how to get the most out of it, and how to set it up for your team, check out one of Lizz’s videos and the related resources here, take a gander at Salesforce’s documentation, and check out the User Engagement Trail on Trailhead!